Monday, August 29, 2011

The home was long dead... only the wooden and wire bones of a house remained.

  As I had mentioned earlier, we decided to go in search of some creepy, possibly haunted, places. We found one.

   The house we found was well over 100 years old and buried deep in the hills of an old country road. One would never know it was there had they not been searching for it. Traveling down old trails, long unused, we were suddenly upon it. The day was warm and bright and I am thankful for that. I cannot imagine what  it would be like to pick among the bones of the old home in the dark.
   When we entered, you could almost feel the weight of it's hundred years of existence bare down on you. It seemed the darkness strained to push out the light wherever they crossed paths. With one look back at the door, and the light of salvation, we continued into our adventure.

   Steps leading down into seemingly nothing gave us pause.

The trophies of the long gone and dead were everywhere.

Steps ushering us into darkness were not a welcoming sight at all.

We took them anyway. They lead to a bedroom where no living thing had slept for a very long time.

I stopped to ponder what countless reflections this mirror had seen. Were images from the past still trapped beneath it's glassy surface?

It is always disconcerting to see evidence of the young trapped in time. This old children's desk was no exception.

What was even more unsettling were the shoes and the old wooden cars on the desk. Do small ghostly hands play at this desk when the light of day fades?

Another set of steps. Most stairs welcome you to ascend. These seemed defeated and lifeless.

They lead to the upper reaches of the home. You could tell most of the living had been done here. Now the greatest signs of death shown through. Seemingly the elements tore at it, as if trying to bury the bones left behind. Doors leading to nowhere as their destinations long rotted away. There only function now was to keep the light of the modern world from mixing with the shadows of the past.

Once the grand house had been full of life, but that life is no more. I could just imagine hearing the sound of an organ late in the night.

Do spirits from yesteryear still huddle around the television at night? Perhaps trying to hold on to familiar things as they struggle to understand what has become of the world around them?

As the rooms showed more and more deterioration, so too did they tell the most tales.  As if the rooms themselves were trying desperately to have one final say before oblivion takes them

Here, the glue of the wallpaper has long ago given up it's fight to hold on. Beneath it, old newspapers give a glimpse into the past. At the time, the occupants were using the papers as insulation to hold in the heat of the home. Now they served to only hold in the history.

The date on these papers,January 17th 1941, gives us a peek into the inhabitants of the house. The word NAZIS" in the headlines is testament to a different time on earth.

If mention of Nazi's is not enough to date the rooms age, the 17 and 1/2 cent gasoline should! I wonder what the ghost that may roam these halls would say to gas at $3.50?

When I see strangely placed items like this, I can't help but wonder if some supernatural force is at work. Straining to recall a time forgotten? Still fighting the denial of death?

Beds always seem to be a focal point for things paranormal. During the time this house was in full swing, a bed represented life and death. Conception, birth, sickness, and ultimately death were the function of a bed. I wonder what energies still clings to this one.

The round mirrors again. At the time, I am sure they seemed modern and stylish but now remind me of a portal to a place I would rather not go.

Not even the best haunted houses could produce this web encrusted ash tray. One can imagine ghostly gentleman sitting around this at night , cigars in hand,  as they look through the window at the modern era.

A hole in the wall of the upstairs seemed like a great wound to the house. It  revealed the world of light and life. Beckoning us to return.

   We heeded it's call and left the ancient house behind. As we left, I wondered if we had disturbed any spirits that remained there. Would they be roaming those halls tonight in anger or confusion at our intrusion, or had our visit gave them energy to go about as if in life. 
  As I lay awake in bed last night, I entertained the vision of ghostly children playing with wooden cars as an old TV warns of  impending war. As I drifted off into sleep, I could almost swear I smelled the faint smoke of a cigar....


  1. Go back in the middle of the night and take pictures!

  2. You first! Seriously though I would like to go back in the dark to investigate further. If that does happen (it will be my girlfriends call) I will document and blog accordingly.

    Thanks for reading. Make sure you follow and tell your friends.

  3. The house definatly had an eerie feeling in the middle of the day. I know without a shadow of doubt that I could not handle it at night. Who knows, there may be another adventure soon!

  4. That's a wonderfully creepy house...but no one lives there? Amazing everything is so well preserved.

    I did notice on one of the newspapers hanging on the wall a small headline read, "Nazis Seeking __ Save Libyan Army." I couldn't make out what they were seeking, but it seems the more things change the more they stay the same.

    Great pics!


  5. The house has not had living occupants in a long long while. I totally agree about the newspapers. I wish we had looked behind the rest of the wallpaper, but we already felt like we were trespassing in someones bedroom as it was. We did not want to push our hour luck further.
    I am glad you enjoyed it Rich! Thanks for the support!

  6. I've been going back and reading some of your older posts. I really enjoy your blog and the creepy stories are great! I was wondering if you ever managed to go back to this house at night?

  7. Never at night...but I may change that soon ;)

  8. Sweet! I'll be on the lookout for an update to this story.


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