Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A rational mind can explain away most supernatural least until it is too late

   The couple enjoyed taking vacation in the fall. The weather was better, the crowds thinner, and the rates cheaper. This year they had decided to have a new adventure. They were going to "rough it" in the wilderness. Of course they were a modern day couple, and the idea of "roughing it" was to rent a cabin in the woods of the Great Smoky Mountains. This cabin had all modern conveniences such as running water, electricity, and even  a flat screen satellite TV in the living room. The only real rough part to this vacation would be the unusually long drive, on a road devoid of streetlights, to reach the cabin. The woman at at the rental headquarters had warned them that it was a good drive and there were no neighbors for miles, but it was very inexpensive. With the economy as it was, cheap was the feature they were looking for. They quickly signed the agreement for two nights, grabbed the keys, and were off to the great outdoors.
   The long, curvy drive was not as bad as they had anticipated. The fall foliage was a welcome distraction and soon they arrived at a quaint little cabin. It was truly secluded, as they had been told, but it was clean and very nice. Moving quickly, they had their bags unpacked and were resting comfortably in the upstairs bedroom.
   The upstairs of the cabin was just a single loft room with a large window in the center. There was not much in the way of furniture. Just a small desk and chair under the window and a bed at the far end of the room. The only light in the room was at the desk. This was due to there being only one outlet for the entire room and it was situated just under the window. There was no TV in the room but they were glad to have come by such a deal. The day wore on and they left the comfort of their home away from home to go into the nearby city for dinner.
   Dinner was excellent and they even stopped by several area attractions before the weight of the day was on them. Navigating the curving road back to the cabin seemed to take forever as weariness seeped into them. They finally arrived, where they quickly changed and were ready for bed.
   There was a brief argument over the electrical outlet as they both needed to charge their seemingly always drained cell phones. They had to unplug the lamp, the rooms only source of light, to plug them both up. The woman jumped into bed as the gentleman showed his full chivalrousness by unplugged the lamp. The room was plunged into darkness. He then fumbled about with the second phone charger till he finally snapped it into the socket and set both phones to charge.
   Sometime in the night, the woman was awakened by a strange creaking sound. The only light in the room was now coming from the window. Muffled moonlight streamed through onto the desk and the chair. She could not see further into the loft...where the noise had come from. She then noticed two red dots in the black soup of the room. They were mere pin points of light but they seemed to stare at her in a angry manner. She heard the creaking sound again, followed by what she could only imagine were clawed feet on the wooden floor.
   She screamed!
   Her husband awoke with a flourish and shouted out to her. "What! What!"
   She pointed into the darkness at the red dots. "There! Over there! There is something staring at me and it's walking this way!".
   The man squinted into the night and slowly made his way to the desk. Again he struggled to pierce the darkness but to no avail. Fumbling again in the dim moonlight he was able to unplug one of the chargers and swap it out with the lamp. The welcome light revealed...... nothing. After a lengthy investigation into the room and the downstairs, they found the doors locked, the windows intact, and no sign of anyone or anything.
   The husband surmised that the "eyes" that had been staring at her were nothing more than the battery lights on the charging cell phones.
   The woman felt foolish but still the bitter taste of fear kept her alert. They both tossed and turned for the rest of the night with the lamp on.
   The next day, they were both very fatigued from lack of sleep, but still they wished to spend their last day getting in as much fun as possible. They left at noon heading back to town in search of entertainment. As the day wore on, so did their tolerance for each other. They eventually found themselves in an argument over who forgot to pack the car charger when she noticed her cell phone dead. He reminded her, that he had to plug the lamp up the night before and her phone did not receive a full charge.This aggravated her even more as she was embarrassed by her actions of last night.
   They ended up staying out much later than they had planned as most couples do when on vacation. The twisty ride back to the cabin was a quiet, fuming one.
   They stumbled into the living room of the cabin and proceeded to prepare for some much needed sleep. They avoided one another, as much as one could in the confines of a small cabin, as they readied themselves for bed.  The husband was the last to reach the covers again and snapped the light off on his way over to the comfort of dreams.
   As tired as the woman was, she could not find sleep. She could hear the rhythmic breathing of her husband behind her. This told her he was sleeping deeply. The window allowed more light in tonight as the sky was clear and the moon very near full. The lunar light cast an almost bluish tinged light onto the desk. As her eyes adjusted, it seemed quite bright. Still, the light did nothing to illuminate the darkness beyond the desk into the farther reaches of the loft.
   The woman found herself staring into that darkness, imaging shapes moving about. She was just about to scold herself when she heard the same strange creaking sound from night before. Holding her breath, she waited for a sign, any sign, that it was a mouse or just the cabin settling. Again, she heard the creak and this time followed by the familiar claw on wood sound. Slowly the wife turned over in bead to clutch at her husbands back. She did so as gingerly as possible for fear of waking him a second night over her silly imagination.  Also not wanting to give him further fuel for the argument they still had not concluded.
   The creaking/clawing came again, but this time seemed very close as if it were standing just where the moonlight met the dark. Just out of her vision. From the corner of her eye she noticed  two red pin pricks of light again. They were close to the floor, maybe two feet from where the wooden floor started and no more than a foot from the side of the desk.
   The red lights did not move, they did not blink. They just seemed to stare at her. She tried every way to rationalize what was happening. She even went so far as to shut her eyes and will it away. When she would open her eyes again, they were there, staring at her. Always staring.
   A rustling thump came from the direction of the desk and she let out a soft cry. The woman could take no more. Roughly shaking her husband awake, she pleaded in a desperate voice for him to awake and  turn the light on.
   The husband came awake with a half snort and was very disoriented. As he lay there gathering his wits , his wife clutching his back, he felt the weight of frustration wash over him.
   "Honey, this has to stop." Exhaustion and annoyance creeping into his voice. "I have to drive for hours in the morning. You have to tame that imagination of yours!"
   The woman buried her face into her husbands back. Still, she kept her eyes on the glowing dots of light.
   "There is something by the desk... it's coming this way and it is looking at me!" The fear was evident in her voice as the creaking noise came again from that general direction.
    The man seemed to not notice it. "This is nothing more than your mind playing tricks on you. Be reasonable!" he pleaded.
   Sensing his wife trembling behind him, he rolled over to face her. As he did, he noticed the two tiny lights himself.
   "Look, let's be rational here." He said gently to his wife. "What do you think that could be?"
   When she did not answer, he sat up somewhat in bed to gain a better vantage point of the lights They hovered completely still by the desk.
   "Think dear.... That is nothing more than our cell phones, plugged up and charging by the desk." He stroked her hand reassuringly. "You have to stop working yourself up over things like this."
   He could feel her relax beside of him.
   "Of course!",she thought to herself, "what else could it be!". Feeling very silly, she sat there with her husband in the dark staring at the red points of light.
    Suddenly a high pitched keening sound shattered the quiet of the room! It was an almost rhythmic chirping noise that was defiantly coming from down stairs!
   "What is that?" she cried out to her husband. The sound continued methodically over and over. Her husband did not answer. She could sense his body tensing up beside her.
   "Honey! What is that sound?" she desperately asked again.
   Her husband swallowed loudly and took a deep breath. Slowly he reached his arms around his wife and she could feel that he was trembling. He still did not answer her. It was then that a cloud passed over the moon, plunging the loft into an eerie black void.
   She felt as if she might feint as the two pin pricks of light slowly rose into the air. The couple silently followed the red glowing orbs until they seemingly rested about 7 foot from the ground. Never once did the "eyes"  blink.
   The almost mechanical, chirping sound continued to come from downstairs.
   Horrified she pleaded "Oh honey please tell me what is that sound!".
   Finally her husband broke his silence with a shaky voice.......

" That is the sound of my cell phone. I plugged them both up downstairs as soon as we got here"........




  1. I know this post is several years old, but this story is going to give me nightmares for weeks!

    1. That is the idea ;) Glad that it "got to you".There are much better stories in here than this FYI ;)

    2. I figured there would be and I must admit that I'm frightened to read them!

      I am a Halloween junkie and LOVE all things spooky, kooky, and fun. However, I am a HUGE weenie when it comes to ghost stories.

      I started reading your blog today. I'm reading from the very first post and I'm making my way to the most recent. I applaud you, good sir, on your posts so far!


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