Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New tenants in The Wicked Woods Cemetery

Came home the other day and M says,"we have a bare spot out in the cemetery". So in 15 minutes we had a chicken wire Zombie Groundbreaker made, dressed, and resting peacefully with the other dead things.

I have had that mask for YEARS! 

Also added some ghosts. Just a glowing head in the tiny window and a full on Projection ghost in the other ;) 

 We have cars park and just watch the ghosts cycle through.

There are a few old faces still in the mix too


  1. Love your projection ghost - I would park and watch it too!

  2. I love it all!!! the ghost is too much ~ want it!!

  3. Man, ever year I wish I had a big street facing window to do something like your projection ghost. It looks awesome!

  4. Everything looks great! The new ground breaker is menacing!

  5. Ah the good old Autopsy ghoul mask. One of my favorites!

    Aside from the Topstone Ghoul of course!

  6. Ked it looks like both the front and the side of the house are getting the haunters treatment.

  7. Looking Good, Ked! Jealous of the projection ghost! ;)


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