Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ye Olde Meade Manor Haunted Home Tour (part 2)

As we move closer to our Halloween Party, the inside of our home is getting almost as haunted as the outside. Here is a look at some of our unliving room decor.

That is a Fire and Ice Light from the home depot in the fireplace behind the skulls.

Same picture just different setting for a washed out look.

Pumpkinrot pumpkins, Shellhawk Ceramics, and toppers from my grooms cake make a lovely mantle dont ya think?

Careful, she bites. The picture is one of those that thrashes back and forth and laughs when you walk by it.

Our staircase in the living room...we may need an exterminator.

Guest who sit on the love seat will have to deal with the spider....also a good selfie shot opportunity!

Better not leave that way...looks crowded.


  1. This is amazing! How do you sleep in this house without having nightmares?

  2. You're house looks AMAZING!!!! Ya'll did a great job :)

  3. Terrific job! Must be extra exceiting since its your first Halloween in the new home. Hope your party is just as awesome as the house!

  4. Love your staircase Ked. I would love to have wooden stairs. Decorating aside, your new house just looks beautiful. The architectural features are gorgeous! Your decorating is pretty swell too!

  5. Wow! Everything's amazing! Not sure I'd like so many spiders and tarantulas about the place though. *shudders*.

  6. Nice! That looks like a magazine quality decorating job.

  7. Impressive attention to detail -- like that one wee spider on a stair riser, in the midst of all those huge tarantulas!


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