Friday, October 10, 2014

The Haunted Forest has a new tenant "Living" in Raven Manor

  The woods around Mountain Empire College have always been part of tales and legends. Dark stories of containing portals to the spirit world, of ghosts and goblins dwelling in the tangled trees, and of darker, more sinister things that go bump in the night. Through spring and summer, it is indistinguishable from any other forest you would find in our valley, except maybe for the constant feeling of being watched. When the nights grow longer and the leaves start to change in the chill of autumn air, those woods take on a sinister tone. As the barrier between this world and the spirit world grow thinner, the true inhabitants of the forest come out until the whole forest is crawling alive….with the dead. 

  Good families used to live in those woods long, long ago. There was a booming farm community and even a butcher who would sell fresh meats to market. Those little communities were swallowed up in the darkness that dwells deep in the forest and not a sign was ever found of them. Even a traveling circus came though years ago and had the misfortune of sheltering for the night in the haunted forest. They disappeared into the shadows of the great trees and were never seen again! 

  This year, there seems to be a darker presence in the woods. The woods grow tangled and warped earlier than last year. Something new has moved into these woods and made it home. The Ground Keepers have reported seeing a lady all in dark clothing wandering around the woods. When they have approached her, she reportedly speaks with a thick Creole accent and talks About Voodoo, And the Dead, And a Sacrifice…

  She is looking for somebody, but she never tells the grounds keepers exactly who.

  If you see this figure wandering the woods, stay away, and pray that you are not the soul she is looking for! 

  If you do find yourself lost in these woods this time of year, beware that you tread lightly around Raven Manor. For if you are foolish enough to enter through those unholy gates and enter in the Manor have more than your life to risk losing your SOUL!

Looks like somebody's home!

Who would build such a hideous thing?

Bars on the windows...but is it to keep things out...or IN!

The porch light looks inviting....but are you foolish enough to go inside?

The Terror begins TONIGHT! CLick the poster below to visit!


  1. Mountain Empire Haunted ForestOctober 10, 2014 at 9:06 AM

    Thanks so much for the great photo shoot! They are Wicked!

  2. Love the gates and the rough boards across the windows!

  3. Awesome imagery .....!!!!
    and we like the way (and the "textures" look of) the front door....
    A Very Cool post....
    There are no "Haunted Houses" in my area.... Fire safety regulation codes shut down them all.....


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