Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pictures from Purgatory Costume Edition.

Just some pictures I have dug up from previous Halloweens that have been sitting around collecting cobwebs. I always leave it up to M to come up with the themes. We always have one costume set for the Halloween party and another for actual Halloween night. Hope you Enjoy!

One of my favorite Halloweens when we went as Mr and Mrs Walker.

Not really a costume, just M trying out some makeup techniques on me and we decided to Zombie it up

M and Lily

Me and Lily...I promise you she is not in pain...I love her very much...especially her brains.

Mother and M

Our First Halloween Party together. M went as the Bone Babe and I went as ...The Grim Boner.

Not really a costume...we just like to wear matching Halloween PJ's when we watch scary movies.

Zombie Sheriff and freshly bitten Saloon Girl.

M trying out her contacts...and Lily's brains.

Alice and the Rabbit.

M was a spider, I was death.

Me as a scarecrow Prop. Good lord did I ever scare some people.

Again, not a costume, just a shameless plug.

M as the wicKED Witch. Loved it!

M and her Black Cat

Bat Man and his arch nemesis CAT MAN!


M went to work as a Duck Dynasty Dude.

This is a costume I have to wear every day for work....minus the mask.

This June we dressed up as Husband and Wife (But I really was dressed up like Batman disguised as a Groom).

This year, M had decided we are going as Victorian Era Vampires. Here is a sneak peek at her costume in the making.


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