Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sinister Sunday's Nefarious News

Weird news just in time for Halloween! Click the pics for full story!


  1. I hate that clown in AHS. The rest of the plot and characters are so interesting but the clown is too much for me so I am staying away.

  2. The clown in AHS is very scary and creepy. The real-life stuff scares me more....yikes!

  3. Dude, clowns totally get a bad rap. I had a clown as a roommate for a few years, and he was the sweetest guy.

    Plus clowns are really important archetypal figures. Heck, the commedia del arte clowns go to the very heart of the European storytelling tradition!

    1. haven't you noticed they are roaming states lurking children into the woods there something wrong with you


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