Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween Eve! Time for Vexing Videos!

We are down to the wire! Our Halloween Forecast is calling for 70% chance of precipitation...and it may come in the form of snow. Let's hope the spirits of Halloween intervene and save it for us! M and I are headed to a local haunt to get a another review in tonight.

These are a collections of fun, fright, music, mirth, tricks and treats! Enjoy!

Love this song...really speaks to me about Autumn, Halloween, and nostalgia.

Funny and modern!

Short and scary!


Just stay indoors...much safer that way.

Smart Horror....somehow it just doesn't work right.

Great Halloween Prank!


Posted before, but it always gives me the creeps!

How can you get through Halloween without seeing the dancing pumpkin man!

Here is a new one that will force you to dry clean yer drawers.

Such a sad but wonderful tale...

LOL the guys running in the alley...

OMG that is extreme!


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