Friday, October 28, 2011

Zombies suck at cleaning.

   It's Friday! It's also The wicKED weeKEnD Halloween Party Eve! I am a cleaning demon today. Later tonight, Miranda will be cooking up a storm while I mop the kitchen. I am trying to get as much done before Miranda get's home from work.
   I hate cleaning alone. Since we are having a zombie themed yard haunt and have extra zombies, I figured I would put those no good rotten zombies to work. It did not turn out well :

Zombies suck at laundry. They get the freshly washed clothes covered in blood and dirt. Plus, they have a tendency to hide in the machine. 

They can't cook worth a dime. They are always trying to add brains to everything and when they succeed, they crawl in the oven to eat them. 
Never ask a zombie to clean your bathroom. They just clog the toilet.... with themselves. 

Zombies are lousy at stuffing treat bags. They are always dropping  their body parts in the bags and then they  inevitably  play "Bobbing for Brains" in the bucket.
Don't ever ask a zombie to give you a hand.... they will.... literally!

It is a bad idea to ask a zombie to straighten up your girlfriends closet.... they may not want to come out.

Lilly is no help ever. She would rather pretend to be a zombie than be useful. She misunderstood the zombies moaning for BRAINS and now she wants BEANS! BEEEEAAAAANNNSSSS!!

   I guess I am doing this morning cleaning thing solo. Wish me luck. I will leave you all with some pre-party decor shots. Once everything is in place I will take better ones :


The Alter of the Idiot Box.

No pictures please!
   I'm off to hit the house like a tornado of rags, brushes, and soap while Lilly tries very hard to blend into the comforter.


  1. Good luck with the cleaning and have fun with the party. Love all the pics.

  2. So, that's what happens to the missing socks in the laundry! :) It looks like your house is almost done! The zombie coming out of the toilet is great, but he might need to be removed before your guests arrive...

    As usual, Lilly is adorable and entertaining! She's too cute with that bean. Do you guys ever accidentally sit on her when she's on that comforter?

  3. Sounds like the framework is in place for an AMAZING party. Take lots of pics (I know you will) and have a frightfully good time.

    We had our office party yesterday, I'm still recovering...:)

  4. I'm sad that no one (close) that I know is having a party. if my house was bigger, I'd totally be having one!

    Love the guy wearing the tiara - at least it's not lingerie!!

  5. Vivienne - thank you and I will!

    Justine - Yes we almost squash Lilly often. She is a cover hog and hides under blankets so we have to sit delicately.

    art bliss - Thank you I will! Did you get any good pics of your party? I hope so!

    Lisa - Our house is not that big, we cram WAY too many people here for Miranda's Birthday, Superbowl, and Halloween! If you lived closer, you could head this way!

  6. It's Halloween Party eve for us too. I'm thinking that I might just use a lot of black light to hide the dirt this year. Zombies really don't help at all with the cleaning and neither do the witches or spiders.

  7. I am about to g0 the black light road also. I just have so much to do outside and it is still raining..... Oh well, the inside will rock ;)

  8. Ha Ha...great post! Love the zombie crawling out of the washing machine and Lilly blending into the comforter! You always make me laugh! Hope you guys have the most wicKEDly wonderful party this weekend! I know all the zombies will have a blast because you all have put so much thought and time into making it special and spooky for your guests! Have fun and report back when you can. :o)


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