Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday's Monster Post.

   It was one of the best October weeKEnDs I can recall. Even though we had a ton of fun, we were productive too.
   With the help of Miranda's grandfather, I was able to make a new sign for the yard haunt. I had wanted to make 3 different signs, but due to time constraints, I settled for the one:

   I really like the rustic/primitive look of it. I was going to paint it black and paint in the letters white, but the more I look at it, the more I am happy with it. When I get it hung in the haunt I will take more pictures.
   Last night, we carved our 2011 forever pumpkins. Miranda knew I would do a scary one so she made hers to look like it was afraid of it. I think she achieved that effect :

   I also am glad to report that my neighbor finally decided to decorate for Halloween. She is the one that has the adjoining yard with us. Now I am not the only house within half a mile with decorations. Here is a side by side of our front yards as you would see them when driving by :

   It's a start, and I am glad I finally rubbed off on her enough to have her decorate. She has not decorated for Halloween in 5 years.

   The other day at Walmart (vomit), I overheard two older ladies with severe frown lines talking about Halloween. They were saying that Halloween was "a dying holiday" and "a waste of money". They said that nobody celebrated Halloween anymore and that neither of them were going to buy a drop of candy. I knew then it was my mission to prove these two harpies wrong. It would be a real shame if somebody pulled one of the tricks from my prank post on them (link HERE).
   Miranda and I drove around for hours taking pictures. We got tons of great fall pictures (I will save those for another post) and some Halloween decorations. We headed out to the upper class section of the town (we call it Snob Knob) to see how the rich and well off decorate for Halloween.
   Apparently they don't. We did not find any of the huge 3 story houses decorated with much more than a pumpkin by the drive way. I was disappointed. I guess when you get rich you lose your Halloween Spirit. Who knew?
   We drove back down to the older section of the town where the historic homes were. We finally found decorations:

This house is just a few block from ours.

Super creepy dead tree in the front yard. Great place for a hanging.

Another house near us. PVC graveyard fence tells me we may have a fellow enthusiast nearby. 

Sadly they have no lighting at night but a great graveyard all the same.

Just one street over was this backyard grave. Looks like the wind had it's way with it. 

Another creepy tree! Why doesn't Lowe's have a creepy garden section?

This is more fall decor than Halloween, but check out the reflection of the awesome Mustang in the window!

Again, more fall than Halloween.

I just liked the tree in this picture.

Small graveyard. 

Another house near us. The vampire on the porch was animated in the daylight.

This is a home right down the street from my mother's house. They always decorate (but again no lighting!)

The wind was whipping the hanging man around like crazy.

Are those midget zombies?!?!?!?!

   The next house was a big disappointment for me. About five years ago, they did a full Egyptian theme. They had a big tent up over the front side walk and had it looking like a dig sight. Sarcophagus and mummies everywhere. Inside the tent were the dead expedition members in pith helmets. I was blown away.  They have not put on another show that elaborate in since. 
   A few weeks ago, I passed by and they had skeleton riding a lawn mower, one rowing a boat parked in the front yard, and one on a ladder cleaning the gutter. It looked like they were in the process of putting out more so I held off on pictures. We returned to this!

    Inflatable hell! Oh well, at least most are animated and they are participating in celebrating the holiday.

   Truthfully, we saw hundreds of houses that had decorated for fall and at least a hundred more that had a minimalist approach to decoration for Halloween. If nothing else, I have proven those old prunes at Walmart wrong for myself. Hope they like toilet paper and eggs.

   Our new washer just got delivered so it is time to get to work. The countdown to the party is on. Now we start cleaning the house and fight the battle to maintain what was cleaned. I fear our biggest obstacle will be this:

Lilly! The Queen of the Darned! The Princess of Dimness. The Ruler of Heck!

   Wish us luck.


  1. Good luck. Thanks for all the pics. Hope you prove those old ladies wrong.

    I love the sign. Keep it as it is.

  2. If rich people don't decorate, then I'll stop wishing to be indepentently wealthy!

    Great pics! I don't care how elaborate the decorations are, as long as I see some - I'm happy. This weekend I saw the world's smallest cemetery (maybe 6'x6') with at least 10 stones in it - but they made an effort!!

  3. You guys did a great job on the cemetery sign! "Inflatable hell" :) Yeah, a few of those go a long way. I've noticed that the people with big fancy houses around here don't decorate for holidays, either. I always joke that they spent all their money on those houses and have nothing left to spend on decorations!

    By the way, what name should I use for your costume when I post it on my blog? Are you death or the grim reaper? I can't wait until the 27th! I had a few more awesome photos sent to me today.

  4. Vivienne - Thank you! I am leaving the sign as is. I agree!

    Lisa - same here. 6X6 is at least a start ;)

    Justine - I agree. The same rich snobs do not decorate for Christmas either... maybe they sold their souls for their money?
    As far as the name, I will not tell you what they called that costume. Let's just call me Bone Man.

  5. I lve the sign. Good luck with all your prep for your party. I'm sure it will be marvelous.

  6. My house is even more scaring and it's not even decorated! :P

  7. Those old Walmart bitties obviously don't know a thing about holidays. I read an article about a month or so ago about how Halloween is becoming more popular with consumers than Christmas. Everyone I know loves Halloween!

  8. Jessica - Thanks. I am loving it too.

    Interwebs - That is scary! An undecorated house!

    Itty Cake Bites - I agree. I hope it becomes #1, it already is with me.


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