Monday, October 10, 2011

What a bloody good weeKEnD!.... Monday's mega post.

   I hope everybody had a wicKED weeKEnD. I know I did.

   Sit down for a spell and I will tell you all about it....

   First, we hit two of our towns most iconic haunts and reviewed them both.

MECC Haunted Forest
BSGVFD A Haunting on Wood Avenue

  This coming weeKEnD will be a busy one as well. I have been invited down to Backwoods Haunted House for a review. Backwoods is always a great experience and I look forward to taking a few pictures for the blog to go with the ranking. I am very eager to see where they rate with the others this year.
   I have also received an invite to come back and take a few current pictures of the MECC Haunted Forest. I am really looking forward to updating the review with current pictures. They did an EXCELLENT job this year and it deserves to be properly documented.
   I plan on taking the revisit invite from A Haunting on Wood Avenue as well. Don't want to miss what this group has in store for me!
   We may try to hit The Haunted Park again if we have time and if they look like they are open for business.

   Now for the blood.... we had a bloody good time with decorations. Our guest bathroom is always decorated for the annual wicKED weeKEnD Halloween Party, but it was a tad generic and the blood looked a little pink on the retail purchased curtain.

   While reading through the Countdown to Halloween Blog list, I came across this gem of inspiration from  the Sew Woodsy blog.

Sew Woodsy bloody bathroom mini tutorial.
      This article inspired  Miranda and me to make our own bloody bathroom. Make sure you check out Sew Woodsy. There are some great Halloween articles on there and a contest!
      Miranda found us a full size white rug for 6 bucks! We then grabbed a white towel , a cheap frosted shower liner, some red latex paint and headed to the back yard for the massacre. 

 We set up a plastic trash bag for the foot pallet. We also had a bucket of hot water and soap, scrub brush and towels ready at the end of the rug. The rug has been cut for a custom fit in our bathroom.

Miranda said it looked like "Bigfoot in wine country".

 My poor feet! Red is not their color.

 While we were painting the town red, I did some maintenance on one of my older props. 

 Since I had sacrificed my feet for the rug, Miranda volunteered her hands for the curtain and towel. Now it is a true group effort.

 Pumpkin managed to get through the whole ordeal with just a few bloody drips. This picture looks like something bad just went down. I shudder to think what my neighbors would think if they saw this going on.

 I am grateful that they did not call the police.

Old prop with fresh blood... err paint.. yeah that's what I meant.

Here is the finished product with the added "bloody zombie hand" toilet decal and some bloody gel clings on the sink for added effect. The Grim Peeper approves!

Our little demon Lilly.....she looks guilty!

   We were very happy with the end results. I only hate that I did not do this years earlier. It was very simple, super cheap, and looks fantastic.
  I also managed to squeeze in a few other minor projects such as the addition of the crosses to my new coffins

   I also re-purposed the old Walmart collapsible coffin as a 3D ground breaker.  

I plan on adding some dirt around it like it burst "POLTERGEIST" style from the ground. A shovel and a lantern will sweeten the deal.

   This is going to be another busy week for us. I already have two other projects that just sort of popped up. 
The first is making these two thrift store find into truly wicKED props!

The other one was an accident. Miranda had been given an old chest by her grandmother. I had thought about using it to store costumes and other haunt craft things in, so she brought it home. When she directed me to place it in the kitchen....I just knew I had to make a prop out of it.

I am thinking of a set of glowing eyes and maybe a hand or tentacle popping out? 

   With so much to do this week, I better get started. That is if I can stop reading the 200 + blogs on the Halloween Countdown. Check it out for some great Halloween related articles. 

   I will leave you with this last Halloween experience that brought a smile to my face. While I was out checking the mail, my neighbor asked me why I had so many cool things in the back yard instead of up front where they could be seen better. 
   First off, I was glad she said my props were "cool" instead of any other descriptive words she could muster.
   I told her, "I set these up for my party guests who need to step outside for a breath of fresh air.It's so they can enjoy Halloween no matter where they decide to mingle.".
   She smiled and said that was nice.. and I should have left it at that but I continued. "Besides, I like to have something to look at from my kitchen window while I have my morning coffee.". 
  She stopped and shook her head at me, "I could not sleep knowing that was in my back yard!".
   I smiled back and told her, "At this time of year, I couldn't sleep if it wasn't in my back yard.".
Her back and nervous laughter was all I received in response. 


  1. Love all the blood and that coffin is die for. You should set some stuff up in the front yard just for your neighbor. Give Pumpkin and Lily a little rub for me. I miss the sound and feel of cats.

  2. There is tons of stuff in the front.. no worries there. That's where the grave yard for my haunt always is. I will pass on the rubs...Lilly is in my lap as I type this.

  3. Haha! This goes to show how pets need to be in the middle of everything ~ even when your project is covered in fake blood! Hope you guys no longer have red feet and hands. :) I love that skeleton witch display! I just decorated a wine bottle with a Halloween label today. I like the whole glowing neon effect your potions have!

  4. We are still finding a spot or two of red now and then. I have a lot of labels to still do before our party. Thanks for the compliments!

  5. first off, all the bloody effects look fantastic and secondly, I love the comeback--"...couldn't sleep if it wasn't in my back yard"!

  6. Sounds like an AMAZING weekend! Looks like you're making great progress for the party.

    Love the red feet! What we haunt freaks won't do to achieve our goal ;)

  7. Love the decorations! I am limited this year b/c we are in a 3rd floor apartment. Nowhere to put my tombstone and zombies. ;o)

  8. Absolutely love the groundbreaker coffin. What a great idea. Haven't seen that before!

  9. You guys are looking good wicKED! Have a great up-coming weekend.

  10. See if this still works for the spider sounds:

  11. you are really going all out! it looks great!

    and your neighbor? I would not be able to resist spooking her a bit over the next few weeks...

  12. Ghoulie Girls - aint it the truth ;)

    Jana - I hate that for you... I would be looking for a place with a yard.... I mean come on... where are you going to hide a body?

    Faith - Thanks. I have seen a few this year and they inspired me to make my own.

    Kelly - Thanks for the compliment and the sounds! They are great!

    Pensive - Thank you and trust me, I have tricks up my sleeves.

  13. LOL @ your neighbor!

    She doesn't know what she's missing!

    Happy Wednesday!


  14. Me thinks I might be scared to use your bathroom! Looks almost too real! Yikes!

  15. LuLu - She will not miss it... one way or the other ;)

    Wendy - lol...I have had a few people ask to use the master bath after seeing this.


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