Thursday, October 6, 2011

Does anyone know the number of a good exterminator?

   I think we have been infested.

I hope nobody passes out in our kitchen. That is the view they will have from the floor.

They are even making themselves at home in our other decor!

   I truly hope we have no one with arachnophobia coming to the party this year. They will not feel a moments peace in the kitchen. 

Lilly isn't bothered in the least by the spiders. She can nap directly under them right after her midnight snack. 


  1. Yikes! The spider egg sacks are what's freaking me out! I don't mind spiders, but I don't like seeing them hatch. How are you managing to keep those spider legs attached to the ceiling? I can't even believe where your cat is sleeping! She really appears not to mind.

  2. They attach at the abdomen and the legs just compress back to push off the ceiling. Lilly does not mind much. She is the most amiable cat I have ever met in regards to props and clothes.

  3. Hi WicKED,

    Thanks for the comments on my blog about the candelabra and your blog site is really cool, I love the spider decor!

    I got 2 cats too! No telling what may spook them at times and where they sleep is anywhere at anytime.

    Take care,
    In Irons (Preston)

  4. Bays Mountain is doing a haunted forest and some other activities. Just go to their website or google bays mountain. It would be awesome if you could get some info about what the haunted forest there will be like

  5. In Irons - you are most welcome.

    Anonymous - I was hesitant to add Bays mountain because it was a 2 day event. I have added it to the list and will be seeking out reviews and other info.

  6. That looks awesome! Our basement is going to be full of spiders and I know of at least one guest who will be too scared to go down there. Ours won't be nearly as cool as this though. Those large spiders are great!

  7. Thank you Megan. Ah.... if only I had a basement....a creepy attic... and a large dinning room for parties... I don't want to be rich, I just want a spooky house to haunt. Let me know how your basement goes!

  8. Thanks Mantan. After seeing your musical instruments, I am very anxious to see your decorations this year. Hurry and take some pics man!

  9. Love, love, love the pic of the cat and the props! How are you using that blue light? Is it in a lamp? I am having a spider area on my stair case and like the way the blue works for your "nest." I have a recording somewhere of spider sounds if you are interested.

    I reread my last post, should have reread it when I wrote it, Lord at the missed spelled words.

  10. That great blue light is one blue florescent bulb from Lowes. They were on sale marked down for 7.89 to 1.44! I am interested in the sounds... hook me up.

    Don't worry about miss spelled words. Without spell check, I feel we all would be in trouble.

  11. that is an impressive spider collection! nice theme work you've got going there...

  12. Thanks pensive. I hope it grows a bit more this year ;)


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