Sunday, October 30, 2011

And a wicKED time was had by all!

   The annual wicKED weeKEnD Halloween Party of 2011 was huge success. It was the best party I have thrown to date. Even though Miranda and I were working down to the very last second, it all fell into place. It was a blast!
I will start by listing off our party guests :

Your host and hostess, Zombie Sheriff and the freshly bitten and turned Saloon Gal. (I had teeth paint on,  I swear my teeth are not normally brown and green)

Zombie Man and Vampire in Denial (she refused to admit she was dressed as a vamp).

Mrs Krueger (she lost her pants!) Miranda, and a very tall  but very happy Witch.

The Goddess Venus

Farticus the Spartan

Horny Guy, The king of the Darned, the executioner, and Miranda.

The Lord of Heck is a hit with the ladies!

Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth.

The 80's witch and Karaoke Cowboy
Here is some of the updated outdoor decorations :

Jason gathers wood for the Camp Crystal Lake fire pit.

That is just creepy to look out you kitchen window and see.

One of my favorite pictures.

The 2 dollar skull torches worked like a charm and burned super bright for 7 hours!
 Now for some ghoulish grub :

Brain and Blood Worms

The chef's specialty.

The Embalming fluid. It glows in the dark so drink at your own risk!
We added a few new party decorations at the last minute :

Don't get to close to grandpa He tends to bite after we dig him up.

This is a sinister bunch to walk by just to get to the bathroom.

Jeepers Creepers is ready to grab any guest coming out of the spare bathroom.

That is one skinny witch.

A towel I got from Jamaica decorated for Halloween. 

Shhh it's sleeping!
Even the fish tank got decked out.
   The evening's festivities included a home made Halloween game that incorporates charades, pictionary,  and 20 questions. It was guys vs girls (guys win again). We even got a shout out on a local radio station we were having so much fun. We ended the evening sometime after 2am with Karaoke and a costume contest :

Looks like Farticus is shooting a ball of fire out of his hands!

Miranda really gets into Charades.

Our mandatory thumbs up picture.

A new Halloween tradition is to have Farticus sing Creole Lady Marmalade

Miranda won the Sexiest Costume Award.
I won Most Disgusting, Scariest, and Best Overall Costume! Go me!
   I know that somebody will ask why there are no pictures of Lilly or Archie. I was able to get one picture of Lilly on the bed before the party:

   After that, she and Archie took one look at my zombie makeup and they hid the rest of the night. I did not see them again till after the party AND after I took the makeup off. 

    Now that it is over, we are busy cleaning up the house and preparing for the big night itself! I hope to have a ton of pictures from the yard haunt and maybe even a video or two. My posts may be a bit slim in the next few days as I prepare and ultimately pack up but I will make sure to pick up the slack afterwards.

Hope Everybody has a wicKED Halloween!


  1. It looks like you guys had an awesome time! It was fun to see photos of you, Miranda, and the party guests. It's cool that everyone got into the spirit of the party! Your colored contacts, and zombie makeup were really effective, and that bite on Miranda's neck was a great touch. Dog the Bounty Hunter was cool too! The scariest thing there was the Jeepers Creepers coming out of the doorway. Great job putting this together!

  2. Everything & everyone looked great!

  3. Ahh...the party looks like a blast. So happy that all your hard work went to a great cause that made lasting Hallowe'en memories for your friends! That's what it's all about isn't it? We do it for our love the holiday and to facilitate others with loving and enjoying it too! Your coffins look fantastic by the way. And I have your same open top skull head on a stand. It's creepily perfect to server food in isn't it?! You guys must have a plethora of energy...I'd probably be sleeping all day after a party...ha! Thanks for including us in your big party night...great fun! :o)

  4. Oh, it looks like such a great party, and your friends look like a lot of fun, too! Great job with everything!

  5. Wow, looks like a GREAT time.

    I do so love the coffin coming out of the ground, great effect!

    My kitties also hid in the basement during our party.....cowards...or are they smarter that me...sometimes it is hard to tell :D

    Happy Halloween!



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