Monday, October 17, 2011

Monstrous Monday's wicKED weeKEnD recap.

   This was one of the busiest weeKEnDs I can remeber. We had a lot of fun though and lots of Halloween wicKEDness was accomplished.
   One of the best things to happen was finally getting my very own, Dan Aykroyd endorsed, Crystal Head Vodka sets.

   Who cares about the vodka? This is a cool set to have for any Halloween party decor. I got an awesome deal on the set while we were in Tennessee Saturday.

   You can find out more about Crystal Head Vodka at their website HERE.

   We completed our Terror Tour of local haunts this weeKEnD as well. We started with The Haunted Park (aka The Crypt). In case you missed it, the review can me found HERE.  
   For the last two years, The Crypt (renamed The Haunted Park for 2011) has been one of the best local haunts in the area. This year, it felt like it was a last minute production. I sure hope they rebound next year and bring back the super scary haunt they have provided in the past.
   Still this is the BEST haunt for the younger crowd! Check my review for details.

   I went back for seconds at The MECC Haunted Forest. Special thanks to Cindy Ringley and the entire Haunted Forest crew for allowing me to run lose in the woods. I got some pretty good pictures and videos thanks to there help. The updated review of this haunt can be found HERE.
   Below is some of the pictures of my tour and a little video I compiled to document my hike through hell in The Haunted Forest :

Listen to the skeleton.. he has information that may save you.


This life sized Chucky scared me a second time!

So many scarecrows. It's hard to figure out which ones are real.

The forest also houses the insane.

Things better left locked in cages than running around in the dark.

Love the Bucky Pall- Bearers 

Why do undertakers always have to be so pushy for new business?

This zombie caught me off guard even though I knew it was laying there waiting for me.

Death is ready for his close up.

The cabin looks menacing. The inhabitants are!

Sorry, I can't stay for dinner, but it looks....almost dead....

He hates flashlights....he will offer to warm you up though, pushing you into a fire.

Must be the maids day off.

Human... the other white meat.

Yeah...he will chase you.....all the way down the hill. Be ready!

Make sure you get out to see the premier haunted attraction of Wise County.

   We were also able to squeeze in the last local Haunt to complete the Fearsome Four Tour of 2011, Backwoods Haunted House. Man was it busy. This little haunt has grown up and is terrorizing with the best of them. The review for Backwoods Haunted House can be found HERE
   Below you will find some photos and another video I compiled to show our visit to the haunted barn, full of a family of insane hillbillies, in the middle of nowhere:

Coolest picture of the night. FCG is a good sign!

Make sure you get your tickets. Don't worry, they don't bite....hard.

Why does it look like the barn is eating customers?

Wonder why Freddie wants out of his cage so bad?

Horrid things at the window.

The guide said this was his dog. Not sure what breed it is, but I don't want to pet it.

Why oh why must there be 20 clowns in this dark little room?

This was "grandpa" We were told he could not walk.

Grandpa can crawl like a demon jacked up on Redbull though. 

Hello Buzz. Wonder where he get's the nickname from?

Pretty sure there is a small army of Zombies in the graveyard.

A sinister clown in a convict's  jumpsuit. That can't be good.

The outdoor graveyard was really spooky looking. Too bad there was a small army of evil running us down before we could stop and sight see.

The eyes really got me. I admit I jumped.

Don't touch Mama's TV. Bad things will happen. many hellbillies are in this thing? They are everywhere!

The meat looks fresh. That could be a bad thing.

Our tour guide and his Mama. I am pretty sure they are putting us on the menu.

Past victim?

It's Piggy! Looks like pork is not on the menu and Human is!

The wicKED video tour of Backwoods Haunted House.

   This was my highest ranking local Haunt of 2011. Make sure you drop by this one of a kind haunt for a visit. I guarantee you will have one of the most unique horror experience ever. Just be ready to be scared stupid. You never know what lurks inside a haunted barn in the middle of the woods. 

   That was pretty much my weeKEnD in a pumpkin shell. We are are running on cruise control now as we just finish up last minute preparations for our upcoming party. Our costumes for the party and the second set for Halloween night are almost complete. We are going all out zombies this year. Details coming soon.


  1. I'm sad that (according to the website) you can't even buy Crystal Skull in Michigan! I stopped in a liquor store one day and took a look around, but nothing. :(

    Those haunts sound like a riot!

  2. I collect the crystal skull vodka bottles too. Dan Akroyd even came through signing the skulls a while back. I don't have a set yet, however. I'm very jealous of yours. It is awesome.

  3. You sure get a lot done in a short period of time! Even though your haunts aren't near me I've enjoyed your reviews.

  4. I have one of the Crystal Skulls in my studio and it stays out year round. I love it!

    Fab pics Ked and great job on the video!


  5. Lisa - That is a crime! Have any out of state friends nearby? Those haunts were great. I loved every minute.

    Jessica - Thanks! Did you get your skull signed?

    Mark - Thanks for that. I am glad you could at least enjoy the descriptions.

    LuLu - Thank you so much. I think my skull will be out year round as well.

  6. You had the perfect weekend. Great pics and LOVE the vodka set.

  7. Over at my blog I have an award for you!
    (It's a birthday bash, so be sure to bring the Crystal Head Vodka too! ;)

  8. I love the Crystal Head Vodka set. I'm gonna have to find me one. I have enjoyed all of you haunted reviews. Looks as if you have a lot of fun. Sounds like you had a busier weekend than myself.

  9. I envy you! I would love to have these haunts nearby, what a great way to experience Halloween. We can get the Crystal Skull Vodka here in Saskatchewan but have yet to find the glasses, must go hunting this weekend. Thanks for posting all the great pics of the tours!

  10. I wish they would make whiskey in a skull. It would be just as creepy, and then I could justify buying it since it would eventually empty. : )

  11. How long does it take to go through the haunted forest? I am planning on going and am already really scared about it! I am going with a group of friends so where do you reccomend I stand in the group to get the least scared? And any tips for me to be less scared about it? Thanks!!

  12. Anon - It is about 10 minutes to get through, give or take. The center of a group is always safest as the ones in front take the brunt and the ones behind get followed.
    As for being scared, it is scary. Hands down, this is a good scary haunt. You can watch the vids to get a idea. Just keep telling yourself it's just a bunch of actors in costume....or is it? ;)
    Make sure you visit the other great haunts in the area as well. Good luck, let me know how it goes.


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