Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thundering Thursday's Update and Outlook

   According to, I am cautiously optimistic about the wicKED weeKEnD Party and Halloween night :

   The only complication is if it rains all day Friday, that will leave me only a few hours before the party to set up the yard for my guest. Last minute details like fire pits, skull torches, zombie groundbreakers, fresh dirt around the zombies and coffins, setting up the "Camp Crystal Lake" backyard area, and fog machine/cd player set up. Hopefully I can get some of it done Friday afternoon.

   Today, we are going to hit Walmart (curses!) to pick up all the food for the party. Friday night and Saturday morning will be spent prepping some of the grossest looking food imaginable. Then, just a ton of little details.

  We were able to get our Halloween night costumes ready yesterday. These are not the costumes we will be wearing at the party:

His and her zombie wear. It's what all the fashionable zombies are wearing this year.
   The blood is from SPRAYBLOOD. That is the greatest Halloween blood invention every. I highly recommend it for all your blood needs from bloody shower scene to Dexter like arterial spurts.
   The grave stains are a delicate blend of black Asian tea, double mocha chai, and Jack Daniels dark roast coffee. I mixed up a liter of it  and we spattered away. I also plan on crawling around in some of the freshly dug dirt on Halloween night for added effect. Hope the little kids in our neighborhood are ready for this. They are going to earn those treats this year!

   I also added a tiny detail to the new cemetery sign. One little Dollartree crow. Somehow, it just makes the sign:

   Miranda's mom bought us a Halloween gift :

    I have never seen anything like this. I noticed on the bottom it says for age 6+. Is that for the human or the cat?

Here is what the kit contains. A pamphlet detailing some things about the nature of your cat and a bag of "stuff".

 OMG! It's a do it yourself meth lab!  No wonder that cat on the box looks like he is tripping!

 Of course, Lilly bypasses all the fun cat stuff and just crawls in the box. So I guess the kit was fun for her after all!

   I am off to get a zombie style haircut and hit the long list of detail work we have 2 days to complete. Thanks to the rain, all of that will be indoor prep. With luck, Blogspot won't eat this post like it did yesterdays. If you missed it, click the older post at the bottom. Hope you Thursday is a good one!


  1. Leave it to your cat to just enjoy the cardboard box! :) Yeah, I don't know about some of those cat items, either. Were those 3D glasses in the picture?

    Good luck with the weather for your party! I know we were checking the weather a lot before our party night too. I can't wait to see photos from your get-together.

    Speaking of parties, I have the virtual Halloween blog party up!

  2. Those glasses are supposed to allow you to see the world like a cat does. Thanks for the good wishes, I hope the weather is good and I will even take a video or two of the wicKED event!

    I am heading over now to check out the blog party! Woohoo!


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