Saturday, October 15, 2016

Wicked Woman {Countdown to Halloween Day 15}

It is midnight as I type this and a live band is playing Witchy Woman right outside our house. There is a mass Fall Festival going on in our little town this weekend and The Wicked Woods is alive with the undead!  I have all the special effects up and running, even sound, but I turned the sound off due to wanting to hear the live band set up a few hundred feet away.

Saturday night, we are heading into our favorite haunt, MECC Haunted Forest,  to shoot photo and video and do a full review. Can't wait to see how they do this year. M has been helping with makeup this year again and I could not be more proud of her abilities. She is a true Haunted Honey. Check out some of her work below:

This ghostly beauty is waiting for you to play with her...deep in the haunted forest. M did a great job on her makeup.

This is M's costume last year. She has passed on the mantle of creepy broken doll to a deserving actress.

One of M's Zombies.

Another broken doll makeup from M.

M did all three of these makeups last year.

According to M, she does not put makeup on the "Gingers" She just beats them till they look scary.

What a wicked woman I have....


  1. A live band outside your haunt! A cute and talented wife! You're a lucky guy.

  2. Oh man, a live band?! I'm so envious...and your lovely wife has skills!! My hubby has skills but not with make-up....


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