Monday, October 17, 2016

My Woods may be Wicked, but the Forest up the road is Haunted! {Countdown to Halloween day 17}

M and I had the pleasure of being invited deep into The MECC Haunted Forest over the weekend. They just let us run around in there...unsupervised...with cameras....and a goat, but I digress, we had a ball! While I have not had time to do a review, it is coming in the next few days. Till then enjoy the Best of Pictures I took and a storyline Video I made for the haunt. ENJOY!

The ancient gates of Raven Manor where Beatrice Lebow has set up housekeeping. These gates only open in October...and they should stay closed at all cost!

Mama Lebow herself! She is crazy! She thinks every woman she meets is the one that ran off with her husband! Powerful and paranoid! 

Beware who lurks in the shadows of Raven Manor...

The Scary Go Round... free rides!

Hh likes to brag about his "doll collection"

There is one now!

One has to wonder who broke them?

I don't think they want you near their barn, you have been warned.

The Queens Dungeon. Filled to the brim with "hussies" that she is sure had something to do with her lost husband!

Is this THE Remey Lebow? Or is it just another poor soul that the queen's minions nabbed because he looked the part?!?! Who knows!?!?


Is that a Mausoleum in the distance? 

Not the best thing to run into on a dark forest path!

The ground is moving!

Why would anybody go inside? 

People run inside the Mausoleum because the cemetery is overrun with zombies! 

The gatekeeper has demands!

What could be worse than seeing this at the end of a hallway?

This is worse! It's like a broken crab scrambling on the ground!

No thanks!


  1. Mountain Empire Haunted ForestOctober 17, 2016 at 10:01 AM

    Thanks so much for the Photos! They are Wicked!!

  2. Wow! Just....Wow! What an awesome opportunity. The photos are amazing.


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