Monday, October 10, 2016

Mournful Monday {Countdown to Halloween Day 10}

Last week was a hard week on my Yard Haunt. It started near the end of the week when a family (man woman 4 kids ranging from 4 to 12 I estimate) came to destroy my yard haunt. M and I were having dinner when I thought I heard voices outside. I went over to the window, but by the time I got there, they were getting back in the mini van parked across the street and leaving. I then noticed some of my spotlights were pointing across the street, which is not where they should be at all! As I investigated, I fear I had been hit by vandalism. Upon reviewing the surveillance footage, it was just human stupidity and sense of entitlement that had hit me.
Apparently this family, not satisfied with driving by my haunt (which it is a static haunt and built to be viewed from street or car) wanted to get up close and personal. They parked and simply went exploring.
The thing I do not understand is why? Once you walk into the yard, past the gravestones, the illusion is shattered! You are literally staring into the brightest LED lights you will ever see which almost blind you. You can see the heavy rebar holding up the tombstones. You can see the rope that holds down the zombies. You can see the wire that allows the skeletons to climb and claw.
Somehow they felt the need to "enter the exhibit"  and run amok. After their 15 minute raid, the total damage was one tripped power cord that ripped up 5 stake lights and had to be reset. 3 tombstones knocked over. One toppled skeleton that had to be put back. One skeleton that had it's right arm torn out of socket. Last but not least, a brand new green LED spotlight that had been stepped on, crushing the weatherproof casing and breaking the stake. I had to get a new one sent out...

With the footage, you cannot see the plate on the van. The police told me without "No Trespassing" signs, there was nothing that they could do. They went on to tell me I was lucky they did not try to sue me and I should post something about tripping hazards.

So that is where I am now. 6 new signs around the perimeter of the haunt... which really annoys me to have to use. I already have 3 "24 hour video surveillance" up around the property and now these!

 I plan on getting a real brick and iron fence put up as soon as we can find somebody local to do it. I have searched high and low and cannot find ANYBODY that can do it....but that is a priority for 2017!

To top it all off, we were attacked by wind Saturday and Sunday. I spent the majority of both days repairing wind torn props and toppled decorations. The only thing the wind is good for is the wind ghosts!


  1. It truly is disappointing when parents become a horrible example to their children and not only allowed their kids to destroy your hard work but they joined in. I'm aggravated and it's not even my haunt. What ever happened to respecting the property of others? People should appreciate the hard work it takes to put up such a display and realize that home haunters do it not only for their own enjoyment but for others as well.

    1. I know what you mean. Things like this never cross my mind so when others do it, I get very frustrated.

  2. That is ridiculous that they police couldn't do anything without the signs. Really? It's your property, people should stay the hell out! If people are stupid enough to think they're entitled to traipse through a stranger's year, they get what they deserve, IMHO.

    The wind ghosts are awesome!

    1. The letter of the law and all....if I had a tag number, it maybe they would have talked to them. I have adjusted the cameras to catch tag numbers now

    2. The letter of the law and all....if I had a tag number, it maybe they would have talked to them. I have adjusted the cameras to catch tag numbers now

  3. ughhhh. I feel for you Ked. I build things up on site in the yard before Halloween and then take them down just for this reason. i have had neighbors- stay at home moms with their little tikes walking thru my graveyard breaking foam tombstones on their afternoon walks. And don't get me started on the need to do selfies nowadays. I can't just take a picture of ur haunt- i have to stand in it! Here comes my Clint Eastwood/ Gran Torino impersonation.


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