Sunday, October 2, 2016

These wicKED Woods are alive...with the undead! {Countdown to Halloween Day 2}

This is the latest I have been on Halloween in many years. Due to work, travel, other obligations, we got a pretty late start but at least the exterior lighting and static props are done. I only have 1 of our 5 projectors working at the moment and next weekend I should have them all running in force (Videos to come). M and I am going to be working full steam ahead this week to get the inside completed for the upcoming party.

Here are a few of the "first night" shots of Meade Manor deep in the Wicked Woods! Enjoy!


  1. You already have all that set up!?!? Looking good!!

    1. I am actually WAY behind buddy! The inside of the house...well..thats another story!


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