Saturday, October 29, 2016

Time for a wicKED Halloween Party! {Countdown to Halloween Day 29)

The last few days have almost been a blur. I have been awake 36 hours working on the house for the big party and still have hours of work ahead when I wake up....It's going to be a good one! Despite all the party prep, I still managed to squeeze in some pictures of what we had going on, and here some of them are!
There was a really nice sunset today. I did not even have time to get the projectors up and running before I ran out to get a shot or two of the quickly fading sight. 

We made some of our driks ahead of schedule.... to .... test them.. yeah! Here is a Moonlight Margarita! Yes it glows in the dark!

Jello Shots...literally!
Yes, they glow as well. We have Watermelon, Raspberry, and Lime.

Since the weather is going to be nice and we are having a record breaking number of people show, M wanted to open up the back deck and Firepit. The string lights are just for the party...not the haunt!
M's handy work to make the area inviting!

Hmm...I don't recall us having guests already in the upstairs bedrooms...

Stopped to get a cool shot of some creepy trees against the skyline behind the house.

They installed a new street light today. It made for a great back light for our sugar maple.

There she be...Meade Manor in all her haunted glory!

One of my favorite shots of this side of the house.

The Dread Dining Area

Soon, horrific food and deadly drinks will fill this table!

M's Curios....

Kinda creepy!

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