Friday, October 14, 2016

Freaky Friday in the Wicked Woods {Countdown to Halloween Day 14}

It's Friday people! Just wanted to remind everybody to go out and support your local Haunted Houses, hayrides, Corn mazes, and festivals! You can find the link to the ones local to me *HERE*.

We have a Fall festival going on right outside my house. There is going to be live bands playing for most of the night right by our house. Plus there is a festival Saturday morning that spans almost the entire town. All our special effects will be up and running this week. I hope to have sound effects up and running on the haunt by then just to add that extra something! Here are some more decoration shots of the inside of Meade Manor. Enjoy!

Is she trying to come in or get out?

Bloody Bathroom always a winner.

Take care in the basement... he is not very friendly.


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