Tuesday, November 5, 2013

5 truck loads and 2 car loads later....

And we are officially DONE moving Halloween into the new home. It's all safe and sound in the attic, basement, and out building of our new home where it will sleep peacefully until awakened for next years festivities.

We got some strange looks, especially since we now live directly across from a church...I guess that don't find humor in carrying coffins into an out building or M dancing with a skeleton up the steps. 

Slim is ready to go to the new house. He is an actual medical skeleton and weighs a TON! So he gets to sit up front. 

He is still wearing the shower cap from when he was hiding in the shower during the Halloween party. At least he can hold some stuff while I drive.

FYI, the trunk on M's car can hold 8 skeletons quite comfortably.

The funniest thing to happen so far was when I was moving some Halloween stuff downstairs. The location manager over the movie being filmed knocked on the door and asked that I make sure I was unloading my "things" in the back yard away from the shoot....Guess they did not want to see me carrying my life size Grim Reaper prop around the front of the house.... I think it would make the movie so much more interesting... Oh well! More moving in the morning!

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  1. Hope you enjoy your new home and hope you had a wonderful Halloween!


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