Thursday, November 14, 2013

Christmas seriously...get in line.

I remember picking up some american flags for M's Birthday/4th of July party back at the end of June. Sure enough...Christmas Decorations were peeking at me on a back wall isle. 

Halloween night, I was out taking down some of the more delicate and expensive items for storage. I noticed my rather redneck neighbors just down the street also taking their little Halloween display down. I thought I was a trend setter until I noticed that one of them was stringing a bright multi-colored string of Christmas lights....11 PM HALLOWEEN NIGHT! Seriously?

It's like we don't give a rats ass about Thanksgiving any more...are we thankless? Are we in such a hurry to start asking people to buy us stuff that we look over the holiday that requests we give thanks for what we have...not what we want? Major retailers are even making their employees work on Thanksgiving to start the Christmas shopping season early.  You know who to blame? Us, the consumer. As long as we buy what they sell, they will sell. My Dad always said, "If a man charges 100 dollars for a Bologna sandwich...he will continue to charge that as long as somebody will pay it". 

I love Christmas. Heck I love all Holidays as a way to celebrate life, but I am boycotting Christmas....ALL Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving. 

Really looking forward to CREEPMAS this year.

In my world, all Holidays get a turn....How about yours? 


  1. We're actually "skipping Christmas" this year, well, sort of. Leaving the country on Christmas Day, no dinners, no trees, gifts to immediate family, that's it. Just need a year off from all the commercialism and drive to spend money and deal with the crowds. Just one year off! ... And I actually love the Christmas holiday, it's just gotten to be ridiculous!

  2. I made a comment/complaint to my girlfriend about Christmas being everywhere already, ugh! Then she says to me, "...this coming from someone who starts decorating for Halloween the 1st of August? Really?" It made me stop and think so I'm not complaining anymore. hahahaha. Guess I'll dig out my black Christmas tree and enjoy the season.

    1. The only thing about that....You are not skipping any national holidays by starting in august....and Christmas items are out for sale in June. My problem is skipping Thanksgiving.

    2. I hear ya. I know so many people who spend their Thanksgiving focusing on their plan of attack for Black Friday sales instead of being thankful and recognizing Thanksgiving for what it really is. Not me though. I don't partake in any of that nonsense. Thanksgiving is a time of togetherness and reflection in my family....and yummy wonderful food.

  3. Stores were already moving Halloween stuff to make room for Christmas before 10/31. I can't stand it. I want to go back to when Christmas season didn't start til after Thanksgiving.

  4. I just got a GIANT turkey to put on my front lawn. Thanksgiving being a lost holiday has been my soap box argument for YEARS! I also intend on getting a pilgram hat for my resident skeleton :) Let's give this holiday the credit that it deserves! =)

  5. Sorry, used all my "rats ass" when I brewed my potion to eliminate the Thanksgiving holiday!! ...and it obviously worked!! (Mwuahahahaha... MWWUUAAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!)


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