Sunday, November 3, 2013

wicKED moves.

Our third truckload of wickedness.....only about 4 more to go before Halloween is completely moved into the new Meade Manor!
I really hate when people stare at's like they have never seen anybody move before? SHEESH!

Why are people honking? I am just trying to move to my new home! Stop screaming "Axe Murderer" and "Killer" while I'm is very annoying!

Jason finally get to check out the new digs.

On a side note, they are filming the movie again right in the middle of town, which is right in front of my house...I had to drive a complete lap around my house to get in and then they had EVERY road to my house blocked off. So I got out and moved a cone to sneak in. A cop pulled me over and asked what I was doing. Thankfully I was just carrying furniture that load....a load full of chainsaws, coffins and body parts would have been hard to explain. I simply told him that I was moving and my house was blocked off so I had to move the cone to get in. He replies "Do you have to do it today?"

To which I replied "I have to do it whenever I fricken want to because it's my house an I have a right to get to it."

His reply was, "Fair enough". 

The movie is great and all...but come on, give me a way to get in my house!

Move moving today, hope to be done with Halloween and get it all safe and sound in it's new attic so we can move the rest of our stuff!

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  1. A least the cop was nice about it .... best wishes to you and yours during this time of transition....
    And a great Sunday after Halloween to you good Sir wicKED....


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