Saturday, November 2, 2013

How does one move a Wicked Woods?

Very carefully of course! 

Yesterday, we took down every single thing Wicked in our yard for the last time and moved it over to the new house. 

There is nothing left to even give an indication that there was something haunted going on except for a pile of ice from the fogger and a coffin shaped imprint in the front lawn.

I did get a few looks driving through town with a truck load of coffins and bodies with a giant jack o in the front seat.

I'm just glad our new neighbors did not call the police on us for putting coffins in our new storage shed....although it sounds like a good start to a movie. 

We were rewarded with a great view at sunset....Which is just confirmation that we made the right move!

More moving today! (and what feels like the rest of my life!)



  1. Congrats on the new home Ked, It's always very exciting starting over in a new home.

  2. Many blessings for your new start in a new home. Wait till the new neighbours see your display for Te first time next year ;)

  3. Make your store safe with the shed and be smart.
    Congrats to new home.


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