Friday, March 30, 2012

The only original thing about Monster Man is it's capacity to be awful.

   A friend of mine pointed out that on the Syfy website, they had a slide show with "original concept art for werewolf project by Constance". This was for episode two where they had to design a werewolf for a client


   This original concept looks very familiar. In fact, it looks like it was traced and blatantly stolen from UK Artist Martin McKenna's original artwork "Howl of the Werewolf"

   This is just low. They cannot even come up with original ideas to screw up. 

   In the end, I guess it does not really matter because the final product looked like a terrible B movie knock off with cartoonish porportions anyhow. 

   Sure it would look pretty good in the dark of a yard haunt, but in a movie? Made by a seemingly professional group and not one automated component? Blah! That is all I have to say. 


  1. Good catch on the drawing. I haven't been impressed with their creations or the show.

  2. Me either. The devil ant was kinda cool but they used the wrong explosives to blow it up producing waaaay too much smoke.
    And the biomechanical bug thing was 1980s at best.

  3. I have to confess I found this show somewhat entertaining. But I agree that the werewolf costume really looked more suited for an episode of "Tales from the Crypt" that for a movie. It was pretty lame even on film. Still, I was amused by the show and will probably watch again.

  4. It does look the same. I like seeing old-school techniques but the werewolf did turn out pretty lame. I am more interested in the how it is done than the drama; I would prefer they have another round of Face Off to this show.


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