Thursday, March 29, 2012

Is Merle Dixon the Governor?

   That is the big question on every Walking Dead fan's mind and thus far, the producers and cast have been very tight lipped about it. So far it has been confirmed that we would be seeing the Governor and Merle would be returning but in no way will they confirm if they are one in the same.

   Even Micheal Rooker, the actor who plays Merle, casts shadows of doubt on this pair up. When asked if he  was indeed returning as the Governor, he replied:

“It doesn’t seem like Merle is The Governor. Merle is Merle. I think if I come back, I’m going to be even bigger than The Governor.”
“My character may end up being some sort of composite of The Governor/Merle/something else. I don’t know. They’re not going to stick to the graphic novels at all. The graphic novels are written wonderfully, but they’re graphic novels. This is little films. This is TV, so it has to be written in that way.”
“I think it’s advantageous for the show to wait a bit…so that when I do come back, when my character does reappear, I think it’s going to be a big deal and there’s going to be hell to pay.”
   This could be a misleading tidbit to cover up the always secretive direction the show is going to take, or it could be absolutely true.
   There was a huge stir when this picture was circulated as "Merle and Daryl on set of season 3 with Merle growing the governor beard". This was a complete mistake and or falsehood. The man with the beard is actually David Boyd, the Director of Photography  

  As rumors continue to fly, there is word that British actor, David Morrissey, has signed on to play the part of the governor. You may recall David from the Doctor Who Christmas Special of the ill fated "Basic Instinct 2".

You be the judge if he fits the bill.

   The very painful fact is we truly will not know what the show will actually bring until it airs. While rumors and high jumping conclusions continue to run rampant, I think part of the show's allure is not knowing what exactly happens next. The one thing I am sure of is the stellar job that the producers have done thus far and hopefully will continue to do in future episodes. It is going to be a great season 3 that will not have the slightest capacity to suck!

   Speaking of capacity to suck, Monster Man continues to create a veritable black hole of suckage. 

"I make Wal Mart Costumes look good!" 
   I was flipping through the channels last night and caught the very tail end of Monster Man. Guess what was going on?...... no go ahead... just try to guess what was happening at the end of the third show.
If you guessed :
  1. They were down to the second of being late with a project that had a shortened deadline.
  2. There was fighting between family and employee/boss.
  3. They built a prop that makes the Toxic Avenger look like Star Wars in comparison. 
  Then you would be correct. Same thing every show with a different poorly executed prop. I will be glad when this show is canceled and they can put something else in that may have entertainment value. 



  1. Couldn't agree more re: Monster Man! Last years "Monster Maker" on the Travel Channel was so much better and I was expecting the quality of the props to be so much better. I'd put some of the "Face Off" contestants against anything I've seen Monster Man build so far!

    1. Monster Maker was great and I agree about Faceoff. I would love for those judges to get a hold of some of their work,

  2. Merle as the Governor would be a nice touch. I love how the TV show is turning out to be a reboot of the comic. It's like reading the series with fresh eyes.

    1. I agree with you about the fresh eyes. It is great.

  3. geez, I can't wait for the next season. I've been trying not to read the graphic novels but I just can't wait to see what happens next, so I did it! I read some spoilers! 'course that doesn't mean the producers are going to follow the story line but least I feel a bit more educated when the series continues. what a great show.

    1. So true Pam. I have the link to the comics if you want to read them.

  4. I wish we had cable so I could watch this. I have only found Season One on Netflix and LOVED it!


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