Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ghoulish gifts for gearing up green.

   If you are a Halloween fan and have a significant other that understand very thankful. I am lucky enough to have found my match. M bought me some pre-Saint Patties/Spring gifts that nourished my Halloween deprived soul. 
   First off she got me some green gear for Saint Patties:

   At first glance I thought, "Cool, a shamrock dew rag for my melon". Then I looked closer and saw the skull and cross bones. How freaking cool!

   Then she brought out the big guns and dropped this surprise gift in my lap. The ultimate Halloween gift that keeps on giving :

   She remembered how expensive they were last year, especially the 14.99 white ones. Gotta love then name , Casper Pumpkins, and the type is ghostly white.
    It is a great thing to get gifts out of the blue.... it is truly wonderful when they are Halloween related. I guess I will have to keep her for another week or two. 
   Speaking of good things out of the blue, don't forget about the upcoming May Monster Madness. Sign up today over at Annie Walls today!


  1. I love it!!!! what a great find!!!

  2. Happy for you sad for me, we cannot grow pumpkins in this heater called Florida... Cool stuff!


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