Monday, March 26, 2012

The Home Haunter DVD Collection and Awards

    If you have not picked up this little gem of Halloween goodness, you need to! I just got mine last week and we have been hungrily combing through the submission ever since. The creativity contained on this 5 DVD set is astounding. Check out the newly revamped website by clicking below:

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   I know there are many of us that are awaiting with a great deal of anticipation to see who won The 2011 Home Haunter Video Awards.  

   We are only halfway through the DVD sets and I already do not envy the judges jobs. There are so many great haunts and videos to choose from this year. Good luck all!

Hmmm.... this one on disk 5 sounds like it will be wicKED!

   Speaking of wicked things, don't forget about the May Monster Madness blog hop hosted by Annie Walls.Sign up by clicking the picture below!


  1. Have you watched these yet? I am seriously considering buying. What's your verdict for those of us that do a haunt?

    1. We are half way through the 5 disk set. I highly recommend you buy them them. There are all kinds of great idea on here. The haunts range from child oriented to major video and prop production that would make most movies jealous. I am taking tons of notes for this years haunt.

  2. Oooh that is a must buy! Thanks for the heads up.... Or is it heads OFF?!?


    So cool, thanks!


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