Friday, March 23, 2012

Michonne, Merle, The Governor, a prison, and a helicopter... Season 3 of The Walking Dead sneak peak.

  As I have said before, if you are not watching The Walking Dead, then you are a zombie and this post is going to suck for you. If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, then perhaps I can give you a few nuggets of knowledge for the upcoming season 3!
   First of all, I have read all the comics the show is based on. I usually think that this lessens the effect any movie or TV show has when you do this. In this case, for me, it makes it even better. While the show producers have followed the comics to an extent, there is such a wild (and in almost all cases much better) slant to the story, it drives me crazy trying to keep up... in a good way. If you would like to take a peek at the comics yourself, you can find them online in PDF format HERE.
   Season 2 ended in grandiose fashion with Rick and his son performing a double kill on Shane and zombie Shane. Shane was such a douche bag he had to die twice! I am so glad of this. Shane was a loose cannon and as crazy in the show as he was in the comic.

   Don't get me wrong, he was a pivotal plot character and was great in the show, but I was glad to see him gone because he played crazy so well. He did make a good zombie.

   If you were a Shane fan and are still shedding tears because he was killed off.... just stop it. He has been asking for it for a long time!

   Speaking of asking for it, Lori is next in my cross-hairs of hopeful character deaths. She is obviously grappling with her guilt of sleeping with Shane, confused because she loved them both, and does not know who her baby's daddy is. To make herself feel better, I think she set Shane and Rick against each other so that one would kill the other, thus making her choice for her. 

   I am counting the days till you are zombie chow Lori ........

   Carl is not far behind Lori in my book....

   Season 2 left me chomping at the bit for Season 3, especially in light of some "spoilers" that have been released by the producers. One major revelation (not so much a spoiler) is the addition of Michonne.

   She was a fan favorite from the comics and they have stayed pretty true to her appearance at least. If she is anything like her comic alter ego, then we are in for a treat. The two "unarmed" zombies she drags with her are her dead boyfriend and his best friend. I guess she did not want to be alone in the world.
   Michonne is a cross between Snake Eyes, Wolverine, and Red Sonja with a delightfully dark dash of crazy for good measure. Lot's of people were saying that there is no way that season 3 can live up to the unmatched awesomeness of season 2. With the simple addition of Michonne, they have already done that!
   Another thing that is not so much a spoiler as it was a confuser. The Prison:

   I saw posts asking what this structure was and saw answers ranging from, "Wal Mart" to "Graceland". This is the prison where the producers will run wild with the story line. I cannot wait.
   It was also announced that we will be seeing, "The Governor". All the producers could confirm was, "he is a total bad ass and scary as hell"

      Merle will also be returning. The brother of Daryl who Rick handcuffed to a roof top in Atlanta. 

   The same Merle that cut his own hand off and escaped will be returning in Season 3. I cannot wait to see how Daryl "handles" it. 
   The only other detail that is spoiler worthy is the elusive helicopter that Rick first spotted in season 1 when he first entered Atlanta.

   I assume that is the same helicopter that we see in the final episode of season 2 which apparently stirred up the zombie herd that destroyed the farm. The only hint that we are given is, "we will be seeing more of the copter in the next season". I know what it eludes to in the comics but I cannot wait to see what twists the tv producers will throw at it. 
   There is a lot of complaining and whining about how Rick acted towards the group in the last episode. Many are saying he is "too cold" or "gone of the deep end and become a dictator". To those people I say stuff it. Rick has been through hell and back to try and keep, not only his family, but the entire group alive since he met up with them. He has been through things I cannot imagine dealing with and has somehow maintained his sanity. I understand that there are a lot of people that cannot identify with his actions, but perhaps Rick can explain it better through song:


  1. Great season preview. I was disappointed with the first season, especially the CDC crap. But the second season, what I like to call A Season on Herschel's Farm, has been just as good as the comics and the comics are good. Who would've thought having characters stuck on a farm during a zombie apocalypse would be so entertaining? Can't wait for the prison and Rick's meltdowns and Michonne!

    1. After reading the comics... I cannot wait to see what the producers change! It is going to be a wild ride!

  2. I love this show...I've been trying NOT to read the comic but I don't think I can stand waiting for the next season so I shall probably succumb.

    1. Go ahead.... They have changed so much it is all new again on the TV show anyhow :)

  3. The only thing I can add is that I'd move Carl up to the top of the hit list. I've been sharing this with friends:

    And thanks for a great preview. You gave great hints without really giving anything away for those of us who haven't read the comics. I saw them in a bookstore the other day and was tempted to buy them but stopped for two reasons. One, I'm enjoying not having an idea really of what comes next in the show. The appearance of Michonne and the prison were two inexplicable plot advances I had no knowledge about, and still don't really. Which is good!

    The second reason is, I picked up the comics and started looking through it and realized I really couldn't read them. Graphic novels are just not my thing I guess. I like prose. So I guess I'll just have to wait for the show to reveal itself over the seasons.

    Not sure if anyone else heard this yet, but they're going to be splitting Season 3 in half like they did with Season 2. Ugh! Just run the damn thing straight through!


    1. I cannot disagree with you on Carl. He seems more of a hindrance than anything. I agree with you about the split mid season... but I think that is the suspense that the producers want to instill in us ;)

  4. Great forum, great post, laught out loud with the Kill Carl...AMEN!


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