Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I see a bad moon arising.

   There was a pretty wicKED full moon going on last night. I just did not have the correct lenses to fully capture it in the dark night sky. I did my best though. My Japanese Wicked Willow helped add some creep factor to the pics.

   Nights like that send me itching to start Halloween projects.... and to shave.... hmmm. In completely unrelated full moon news, I was able to capture a picture of Lilly's reaction to either the Super Bowl outcome, or the condition of the trashcan lid right after the party. Not sure which, but she is clearly sick about something.


  1. Awesome pics Ked!

    Are you sure Archie didn't turn that can over and shove Lilli in there? Tee hee!!

  2. Well at least she is in the right place if something more than a hairball gets horked up! Great pics of the moon, any howling going on?

  3. thank you. I had a terrible song stuck in my head. Like this one much better.

  4. Awesome photos of the moon! Those tree branches frame it perfectly. Aww... look at Lilly with her little tongue out. :) She's just adorable, but where's her cat shirt? Every time I tune into your blog, she's wearing a new outfit!

  5. Awesome pics of the moon and cute pic of Lilly sticking her tongue out:)


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