Sunday, February 5, 2012

Both the host and the chili were wicKED!

   We are getting ready to kick off the annual Wicked Super Bowl Party here in the Wicked Woods. I have a special giant cauldron kettle to make my infamous Wicked Chili in.

  This concoction contains 6 pounds of ground round, 3 pounds of ground pork, 6 bell peppers of various color, 3 yellow onions, 4 quarts of stewed tomatoes. and a generous helping of chipotle chilies. It is the bomb diggity. 
   I had a friend ask me if he should send a Hasmat team down here while I was making it. I told him, "No. but you may want to send one down a few hours after everybody eats it."
   The menu continues with fried pickles, sliders, BBQ lil smokies, 2 kinds of queso dip and all the fixins. 
   The house is all decorated up, no thanks to referee Lilly, who is more content at watching the fish do fishy things. 

   It has been a busy weekend but we are ready for some football. Hope you all have a wicKED good time tonight. Lilly has already passed out from all the excitement.


  1. Hope you all have a wonderful time! Gas masks may or may not be in order after all that chilli! Tee hee!!!

    We are a sports free house at Casa de Chaos so we are watching horror movies all day (much to the Commander's chagrin) He likes all the war stuff but he had his movie day with the bang bang stuff all day yesterday so it's my turn!!!

    Off to make popcorn!!!

    Huggies to Lilly and Naughty Archie!!!

  2. So glad you are feeling peppy today, chili induced or otherwise. ; )

    The traditional Super Bowl Commercial watching dish here is baked beans and sub sandwiches. The game sucks, so I just care about the commercials. Advertising Nerd!

    Haunt on, Ked!


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