Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday's Wicked Wares

Here are some of the Halloween goodies we have picked up over the last couple of weeks :

M loved this old hanging witch for some we got it for a steal from Oriental Trading

Ghost girl also came from Oriental trading for less than half what Grandin Road was asking.

For now, she is guarding my upstairs window...I really like her.

Just a little project for the grave yard....nothing huge but a good deal on something we can really improve upon from Walmart.

Another M have to have...Walmart had it for a great price and I like his ghostly face. M is going to creep him up with some more cloth.

This is the lunging reaper that Halloween Express had for 299 but on sale for 239. We got the EXACT same one from Home Depot for 99! He is really awesome and will entertain people in line and act as a distraction on Halloween night.

Another good deal from Oriental Trading. M had to have this one too....she rarely asks for props so she got it.

Big Heavy Polystone Gravestones to help beef up the sparce Graveyard. The two in the middle came from Micheals with M's discount we got them at 60% off. The ones on the ends are from Home depot for 15 each. The one on the far right is a chalk board which I intend to make a countdown to Halloween in our grave yard.

Some big old styrofoam tombstones from Home Depot. They have lights in them but we will never turn them on. We are just looking for filler in the haunt.

Mostly inside/party haunt stuff. The warning and beware were from the Dollar General for a buck each. I have 2 more from last year and they will go great together.The Wicked After Midnight was from TJ max for 4.99 The BEWARE with the crow lights up with LED and is from Ross and was 4.99. The last two with pumpkins is a set from Home Depot at 7.99 each and LED. The 4 warning signs are the most important part of the haunt and shall adorn trees at every corner of the property to warn would be thieves and or vandals. 

The top two in left hand corner are from Dollar tree and REALLY well detailed lenticulars 1 buck each as is the one in the bottom right. The 31 came from Ross for 3.99. The last two lenticulars came from michaels and at 60% off thanks to M. 
The hooks and chains came from Michaels as did the zombie hands...all at 60% off. The spider book was TJ max  as was the spider web placemats.

The short circuit bulbs are from the Hope Depot and are screw in! They have a switch for steady and shorting. The chargers and the awards are from Party City.

Piles and piles of creepy cloth from the Dollar General..

This years Funkins to carve 60% of from Michaels.

Found a great deal on these at a bar supply store online. Jello shots anyone? 

More TJ Max finds.

All from the Dollar Tree for a dollar each. The Glow in the dark stuff is just for the black light basement party rooms. 

Poseable skeleton from Home Depot. 39 bucks

I think they know each other.

Here he is in terminator mode... all the props you buy anymore have these awful LED eyes. 

Another Glow in the dark skull from Michaels.

Walmart skeles that M had to have.....

M has been after this creepy phone for 3 years now. It is motion activated and rings as well as saying some unsettling things should you answer it. She loves it.

Got these Green LED floodlights from China at 4.98 each! Spirit sells one that is half the lumens for 29 bucks. I had to wire a cord into them but still with the wires and work I am getting by at 85% off.

One Eyed Jack from Oriental Trading.

And last, but not least, a head in a jar...Oriental Trading....

So what deals are you guys finding? 


  1. Of all the great things you found, I like the spiderweb placemats! I know, I'm pretty tame in my tastes.

  2. Did you order online from Wal-Mart because the one where I live has nothing like this? :o(

  3. Such great finds!! The ghost girl is PERFECT in your upstairs window!

  4. I noticed that about the props this year, too - all the LED eyes. I got the pose & stay skeleton & Rest in Pieces stone from Home Depot, too. The skeleton is "meh" but I really like the stone. You've gotten some great stuff!

  5. Replies
    1. it is really cool just to look at but is really neat when on motion sensor and it interacts with you.


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