Friday, September 25, 2015

Rain Rain go away...come again another Halloween Season.

Today marks our annual "Season Swap" day where we usually do the last mowing of the year, put up all the bright summer decorations and drag out the Cemetery for the official start of the Wicked Woods Haunt season. It has been absolutely beautiful weather for the last 3 weeks. I even took off time from work so I have Friday through Monday to work at my own pace. Then BAM! Rain! Mother Nature hates Halloween!!!

Usually Season Swap day is really nice and it rains on Halloween (Past 4 years counting). Maybe this year it has swapped out. I hope. Oh Well, I will just hope for a long enough break in the rain to get all the props and tombstones out and run the lights (my biggest fear of dealing with rain is electricity).

As for the final mow of the season...the wife is telling me not to mow...She thinks the unkempt look of the grounds coupled with the already impressive collection of fallen leaves is perfect for our "look". I will follow her advise and see where this leads ;)  

Time to work on projects till Mother Nature settles down! 

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