Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Breakfast of Halloween Champions

Tomorrow marks the start of the Countdown To Halloween! I am going to try to hold down a full time 55+hours a week job, decorate the house for Halloween, finish upteen hundred projects, plan and throw the biggest Halloween party yet, AND post something interesting every day in October till the big day! For this, I need THE BREAKFAST OF HALLOWEEN CHAMPIONS!

This is not my actual breakfast, this was from this past Saturday. M made me a huge breakfast to start Halloween Decorating off right. Not sure if even M's breakfast will get me through this in one piece!

On a side note, an unhealthy friendship has developed between by dapper posable skeleton and Gizmo.

I had originally bought the skele to stand out in the grave yard, but I have not had the heart to move him since Gizmo likes him so much. He actually spends a great amount of time putting his head under the skeles hands and forcing him to scratch his head.

Not sure he will like the idea of his buddy standing outside in the rain......


  1. They look so happy with each other! So cute!

  2. Well I guess that skele will be part of your interior haunt!

  3. Oh my goodness, that is adorable! (re: Gizmo getting his head scratched by the skeleton hand)

  4. Gizmo"s not going to want to part with this guy! :)


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