Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bag Pipes, Thumbs up, and Wind Ghosts.

We literally put in 12 hours straight on the Halloween decor. We are now about 85% complete and it was the oddest, but most gratifying season swap ever. 
Our little town of Big Stone Gap,  is home to a Celtic Festival.

So today while we were dragging coffins and skeletons out into the yard, a parade of bagpipers marched by....For the rest of the day, I decorated to celtic flutes and bagpipes.. Odd... but I loved it!

Due to the festival, we had a BUNCH of out of towners in the area. I wish I had kept count of all the people the drove by and gave us the "thumbs up" or commented how much they loved what we were doing. It was truly gratifying to hear all the people come by and say they loved what we were doing. Even the preacher of the church we live next door to commented it was 'just amazing!". One woman took a few pictures and said to me, "I get it...this is your art....this is awesome!" I guess it is my art, but we have so much to do! I need to run out and get some extension cords, fix a broken Jason and Mike Myers prop, and get my fire and ice lights hooked up. There are so many other projects we are working on, it is down right maddening. 

One thing I am proud of this year is our wind ghosts.. Just love them at the new house! Especially the one flying over the house!

More to come!


  1. I love bagpipes! And is there anything spookier or more hauntingly beautiful that a single piper playing a pibroch?

  2. Positive comments from your neighbors, that's heart warming! Looking forward to seeing the new setup at the new home!

  3. I love that the passerby called it your art. It truly is. Can't wait to see more posts about the new place.


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