Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saying goodbye to the Old Wicked Woods

We sold the old place yesterday. We kinda had too. Hard to keep up two mortgages, and households with all the bills. It's like losing an old friend. Lots of good memories in the decade I spent there. Gonna miss a lot of it.

Halloween will be very different from now on. This will be the first year we celebrate Halloween downtown. We went from 1400 square feet to just under 4000 with 4 times the yard. It is a little scary too. No idea where to put anything but lots of room for the big party and Halloween night! 

Downtown sees 500 to 1000 trick or treaters. I would do good to see 150 at the old place. Only time will tell how successful it will all be....but it is good to reflect on where we came from.

Things at the New Wicked Woods and Meade Manor will certainly be different...but I hope for a lot better too! 


  1. Embrace the opportunities, mate. I see maybe 3 trick or treaters every year and I live in a subdivision full of people. My neighbors are antisocial. They have no spirit. They barely even decorate. I expect you'll find ways to fill up the space in classic fashion. Stiff upper lip and all that.

  2. I love opportunity. Sometimes it comes wrapped up pretty and sometimes it comes wrapped up in petty. Either way...embrace life! Halloween will be so fabulous where ever you hang your skeletons. I've followed your blog/FB page for years and ...WOW!! We live in a subdivision and the dynamics have changed over the years. We usually get 300 to 400 TOTs. So exciting. Can't wait to hear how your Halloween shapes up. Good luck!!

  3. Looking forward to seeing what develops!


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