Saturday, September 27, 2014

Season Swap at 50% completion and climbing!

Part 1 of my annual Season Swap went off without a hitch. The weather was great! I even took the day off to spend all day working (crazy huh?)

 I took down all the happy, grinning suns and melodious wind chimes. Planted potted plants for winter and packed away anything that has to do with warm weather and sunny days. I even managed to get out all the outdoor Halloween decor, including several miles of extension cords, and have it ready to go early Saturday Morning! Last week I had a couple of electricians come over and put in some NEW high end outdoor receptacles.

 Now it is time to transfer this

Into something more wicKED like this!

I worry that it will take me far into Sunday to get just the minimal outdoor portions done due to this being completely uncharted territory for me. Time to put the "what if's" aside and hit the "what next" button!

I am also proud to say I have mowed for the last time in 2014.....well, I had a little help.

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