Sunday, January 8, 2012

wicKED Birthday creepy gift round up.

   Besides getting another year of age under my belt, this year I got some creepy gifts to boot. I was a little overwhelmed at all the loot I did receive!

   It made me want to dive in and swim around in it like Scrooge McDuck. M always does a good job of decorating the whole house and making any celebration special, and this one was no different. We started out having a home made lasagna dinner at my mothers and then destroying an ice cream cake while my step dad sang Happy Birthday to me all evening. 

   I even managed to squeeze in a couple of scary videos with my God-daughter (aka. future Wicked Woods staff member).

   We then came back to the Wicked Woods where M had managed to decorated the entire house in under an hour AND make snack foods for my Birthday Party guests.  I had a ton of gifts to open and I was super pleased with them all. I got a lot of gaming equipment and games, clothes, books, etc, but I also got some downright creepy/cool items from M. 

This firefly in a jar will look amazing in my Apothecary this year. 
What time is it? It's almost Halloween! I wish, but this clock will stay up in the office all year.
Devil hat.....not sure if I should be insulted or not. I will spare you the picture of me actually wearing it.
One of the all time greats to add to my collection.

   The best and most surprising gift I got from M was pumpkins made by Bean of Pumpkin Hollow! For those that do not know (and I cant imagine you would read my blog without knowing), Bean is the wife of the great Pumpkinrot of the Pumpkinrot blog. If you do not know about Rot and Bean, head over and check it out.... you will not be sorry. 
These Creepy little guys are gonna look great under our gnarled miniature Halloween tree,

   M got these great hand made creations from Primitives By Kathy where Bean's creations are in high demand!

He even came with a corded light. Of course, coming from Pumpkin Hollow, it was an orange bulb not a plain old clear one .

    So it was honestly one of the best Birthdays on record. Life just seems to get better and better each year. 

   I am still loving the camera M got me for Christmas. I can't wait to turn it loose on Halloween! :

   I truly hope everybody had a great weeKEnD. I plan on posting more often (if I can stop playing with all my gifts) and to get out some new years resolutions and personal top 10 lists of 2011.
   For now, I am going to make myself another cup of premium roast coffee from my brand spanking new Keurig Single Cup Coffee Pot! 


  1. Happy B-lated Birthday Ked. Looks like you got a great haul!

  2. a little late but happy birthday! sounds like you had a great time.

  3. You got pumpkin hollow pumpkins! So awesome! And why didn't I think about the firefly for my apothecary? I just thought they were creepy, not about what to do with them...

    Oh yeah- tag! You're it! (Come read my blog to understand...)


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