Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sneaking a peak at the dead that walk.

New episodes coming up in Feb 12th! If you have not seen this show yet, you are missing out. 


  1. The last episode left me excited about the Feb 12th episode. Seeing that little girl coming out of the barn was a jaw dropper.

  2. I just ordered this off Netflix (First Season). We don't have cable so I will have to watch whatever they have and I can't wait to see it!!

  3. I just caught up with all the episodes I missed. Can't wait.

  4. Can't say I'm a big Zombie movie fanatic but my son got my wife and I watching this and your right, it's a great series!

  5. Unlike Mark I'm a big zombie movie nut, but unfortunately there are very many good ones. Too much cheesy Romero stuff. But I'm hoping Walking Dead causes new zombie movies to take the genre more seriously.

    Can't wait the the mid-season premier (and what the heck was up with that?).



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