Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Epiphany, Merry Old Christmas, and Happy wicKED Birthday to me!

   Today is my Birthday, which just happens to fall on "Old Christmas" or "Epiphany".  Epiphany is still celebrated by many as the day the Three Wise Men finally arrived at the manger to give baby Jesus his gifts. It is said by many old folks that this is the night that the animals in the fields (cows, horses, etc) will kneel down and pray in recognition of the birth of Christ.

   The Amish still celebrate Old Christmas as a day of visiting and feasting. They exchange presents on this day, just as they do on Christmas, but they do not decorate for it. It is said that if you wash clothes, sweep, mop, or empty trash or ash, you will wash a person right out of your life. This is considered a day of rest and celebration. Many old timers will also tell you not to lend any money on old Christmas as you will never get it back on this day because in the grand scheme of things, everything should be a gift today. 

Here is a few tidbits of knowledge about this day I gleaned from the web:

January 6th is still widely observed as a holiday by many plain folks, who commemorate the Epiphany with rest and fasting. The Epiphany, traditionally, is the day in which the wise men brought gifts to Jesus. However, January 6th is called “Old Christmas” because in 1582 Pope Gregory XIII deleted ten days, eleven minutes, and fifteen seconds from the calendar, to realign it with the seasons of the year, thus technically moving Christmas from Dec. 25th to Jan. 6th.

The Scotch-Irish Mountain folks up in Tennessee still call the 6th “Old Christmas”. Their tradition has it that one ought never lend anything to anybody on that day, for the lender will never get it back.

January 6th is “Old Christmas,” a tradition the Amish brought with them from 18th-century Europe. The Millers keep it as a family day, with visiting and feasting much like that on Christmas Day, but no gifts are exchanged. Amish businesses are closed on this day.
 No matter how you choose to observe today, I hope you make it a great one!

It is Friday after all! Hope you all have a wicKED weeKEnD! I know we will here at the Wicked Woods!


"DEATH AND DESTRUCTION!......then party!"


  1. HOpe you have a great day today! Happy Birthday Wicked!

  2. HaPpY bIrThDaY !!!!

    The 3 wise man are looking quite ~fabulous~!!!

  3. An epiphany baby! I always liked epiphany.

    Have a WicKed birthday!

  4. A Very Happy Birthday to You!!!

    My husband's Italian parents always received their gifts on the 6th when they were children back in Italy, before they came to Australia.

  5. Happy Birthday! This is also the day we take down our Christmas Tree some odd tradition my family started. But anyway Happy Birthday

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday to you!! :0)
    And thanx for sharing the interesting tidbits about "Old Christmas". I learned a lot! :0)

  7. Happy Birthday! It looks like your cats are really letting loose in their little party hats. :)

  8. Happy Birthday Ked!!! I hope this year brings you much love and happiness and lots of creepy spooky stuff too (which is the MOST important)! I see naughty Archie and Lilly are sharing in the frivolity!

  9. Hope that you had a wonderful birthday (and able to keep the cats out of the catnip cabinet):)

  10. Happy Birthday Wicked. Hope your day was festive!


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