Tuesday, August 19, 2014

wicKED Wares : Kirklands

I had the pleasure of visiting Kirklands and ordering online. My dear old mother also bought a few items for me to boot! I am pleased with this years purchases from Kirklands.

Before anybody starts calling me a hypocrite, there is some glitter items in here. I am deadfast not a fan of glitter and glitter is not used in the Yard Haunt....Period! However, M does get a say in some of the decor and this year we have the entire basement level that will be transformed into a black light pool hall/bar/party dance room. The glittery items are for that purpose alone : )

This will be in the bar during this years party. My mother picked this out for us. She did good!

This will go in the dining room

This is cool but I was disappointed to find very dull yellow lights instead of purple. I ordered this online and even the box says Purple lights (click image to see). I called customer service and they are going to give me a call back about it. Lets see how they do with service work!

My third Kirklands light up artwork. I had to order this as well. They did not have them in stock at my local store.

Here it is in all it's LED glory. This will be going over the living room mantle.

M had to have this little guy. Reminded her of Trick or Treat.

My mother got us this. He will be perfect in the party room. He has a multi color strobe effect that literally lights up an entire room.

This pic does not do it justice for the amount of light you get. Lot of fun at the party with this guy.

Glitter decor for party courtesy of mother.

 I am starting a collection of various Halloween cats. Spirit has a white bone cat and I am on the look out for a zombie cat. 


  1. Awesome haul! I got two of the LED prints this year!!! One of them is the same one that you got :) Where'd you get the boney cat?!? He's really neat!

  2. One can never have too many Halloween cats.

  3. Great buys -love the glowing pictures

  4. You are married now...glitter is part of the deal...


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