Friday, August 15, 2014

wicKED Woods Needs Your Help!!!

As we hurdle towards Halloween season, I findmyself in a cunundrum. I face a decision that has been keeping me up at night on a regular basis. That is why I am reaching out to my friends and follows for some help.

We are living in a new house, so everything I have done for decades has changed completely, and I am in need of opinions. Should I have the yard haunt in the front yard or the side yard........

Let's start with the Side yard:

Even though this is the "main" Entrance to the house it is still what I consider the side yard. It also has a large sugar maple that looks pretty good in fall.

It has a sidewalk that acts as a natural guide for walking. Large covered porch, several bushes for evil things to lurk and windows for lighting and other effects.

Several windows for sinister scene setting silhouettes(wow say that 5 times fast)

It also boasts a balcony for all kinds of evil to lurk around on.

This is the view from the side porch. That is the side of the church next goes park here a lot and I fear I will offend them in my celebration of the grand holiday.

This is the corner of the house between side and front. This is the main profile of the house also. The 4 way stop ensures that this is the most viewed profile of the house.

This is the "front: of the house. It has no walkway leading to the steps. Dogwoods adorn the front and there is a really long stretch of baren side yard there to the right with a big old privacy fence. 

There is a big bay window here for scene setting, a small window here for something static to leer out of. A round windown upstairs could also have something ghostly looking down.

The Front of the house has 2 large Bay windows(previous pic and this one) also, there is a small basement window for all kinds of coloral lighting. Bushes to hide in too! You could also see things from the balcony and porch if you put them on the side facing this way.

This is the view from the front. Nice neighbor who likes Halloween too. 

So my delima is this. Which porch do I use for the haunt? Ultimately I would like the whole thing decorated but which way should the kids walk in for treats? Which is the main entrance? 

Please take pity on me and leave detailed comments with you thought....

I thank you all in advance!


  1. I'm thinking...decorate the front-- facing the nice neighbor and make a "torch lit" or fenced path through the sights and props (sound familiar?) around to the balcony side for treats.

    1. Agree! The 'front' feels more Halloween-ee -- in that Ray Bradbury way ;)

  2. The things that keep us haunters up at night! lol
    While all views of your house are fantastic, I have to say that the one that appeals to the haunter in me, it the actual front of the house, with the round window :) I think this side has so much character and gives a really good profile of the house. And that round window, as soon as I saw it, I thought, "Giant eyeball!" Kinda, a la monster house :) I see jack o' lanterns all the way up the steps. The chimney is great too. You could have something crawling up it, out of it, projections on it. The possibilities are endless. You could do ghosts or witch jars in the small trees and glowing eyes in the bushes. Hope this helps!!!!

  3. I think you've answered your own question in many ways. The side yard is your main entrance, it's got a path for visitors to walk on and the covered porch as well as being ideal to decorate, will provide cover for child on Halloween when trick or treating if the weather isn't so brilliant. While you could arrange it the other way it wouldn't be anywhere near as convenient for either yourself or guests.

    I do understand your point with the church being opposite and not deliberately wanting to offend anyone but as your house seems to be on a corner so which ever way you decorate church goers will see it and I don't imagine your house will be the only one decorated in the area. You can't change the geography of your house, your main entrance is where it is. Personally I'd see it as inhospitable to insist guess walk over bare ground instead of using the main entrance, it would seem to me that I wasn't being truly welcoming and almost ashamed to have them visit if I insisted they use a back / side door.

    I'd honestly do what you wish with your own home, if that is decorating all around then do so. If church goers want to tutt about it that is sadly their problem and those that do I'm sure won't just be tutting about you but the whole season.

  4. Ked - I would haunt the side yard since it has the walk way and is the main entrance to the house. The front is beautiful but if I approached the house as a treater, I would be confused by the lack of a walkway. Both entrances however offer great windows and porches! Gorgeous house - congratulations on your move

  5. You live in a lovely area. I wouldn't worry about offending the church goers - they can't avoid Halloween. It's in almost every store and they probably have some neighbors that decorate as well. It's nice that you don't want to offend them, but I wouldn't let that stop you. It's only up temporarily. They only have to deal with it once a week right?
    I agree with Lady M. It will be confusing as the side entrance has the walkway.
    I really enjoy your website!

  6. Your house is beautiful. I'd say decorate all areas with subtle Halloween-ness, but really go for it in the side yard, as that's the path trick or treaters are likely to take.

  7. I would start by figuring out which way general foot traffic of visitors approach the house. Do they cut across your lawn to approach the front door? Or do they make an effort to find the walkway on the side and approach the side entrance? For our place there's only a front entrance. But our walkway does not lead right out to the street. Instead it crosses the front of the house towards the driveway. You would think most people visiting (ToTs included) would just come up the driveway then down the walkway. Noooooo. They try to cut across the lawn every single time to make a straight on approach. I intentionally turn the front into a fenced in cemetery to prevent this and force them to take the driveway path.

    Now if it were me, I'd say screw conventions and concentrate the focal point of your haunt to be best viewed from that corner angle. Then, like Cindy suggested above, make a path for them to come up the side.

  8. I say go with the side with the walk way. If the kids there are like the ones here they take the path of least resistance which is a sidewalk, otherwise they might run through the lawn, trip and fall.

  9. First, your house is adorable! I can't wait to see your posts with it decorated.

    I think your side yard is perfect. You have a sidewalk for walking (good for young and old with mobility problems and disabilities). Plus, this appears to be a side road which will be easier if parents are driving their children and/or safer for kids who are walking on the street. You don't want them in awe of your place while standing in a main road. The large covered porch and balcony are perfect! Especially if there is inclement weather.

    I would reach out to the church if possible-- not ASK for permission but share your plans and note that you're not trying to offend anyone. The folks at the church would see your decor in the front yard anyway so I'm not sure if it would really help to go with the front.

  10. I would say, put yard decorations on the side of the house facing your friendly neighbors, and the porch decorations on the side facing the church. That way the haunt won't be all up in their faces, you still get the yard haunt, and easy access for trick or treaters to reach the door via the path. Best of both worlds.

  11. Your house is gorgeous Ked, and just perfect for Halloween! I'm really looking forward to seeing the pictures of it all decorated. If I was a trick or treater, I would be drawn to the path and the bigger porch. I love that you're already planning it - here in Australia, Halloween is sadly not widely celebrated, so I draw a lot of vicarious pleasure out of watching friends in North America prepare for it :)

  12. That's a very beautiful house you have. Wondering what you'll do with it for Halloween. And I'd say the front yard (or why not both?)

  13. I agree with Lady M, totally. The sidewalk seems logical for ToTing and the possibilities with the balcony are endless! There's lots of potential for the front, but the sidewalk is the clincher for me.


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