Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Help a Haunter : The Davis Graveyard.

If PumpkinRot is the King of Halloween, then surely Chris and Jeff Davis of The Davis Graveyard are surely the Duchess and Dukes!

They have hit hard times like many of us have and now they run the risk of loosing the Iconic Halloween Haunt all together! ( ie they may loose the house!)

They have done so much for the haunting community from photo inspiration and DIY tutorials to The Home Haunters DVD

If you have ever been inspired, then please head over to this link HERE and give help them out!


  1. You can also go to the etsy store and buy some stuff. I have been longingly looking at their tombstone accents for years and now seems to be a good time to support their haunt business.

  2. Thanks for this info, wicKED. For years I've followed and enjoyed the saga of the Davis Graveyard on The Frog Queen's blog but haven't been reading it lately, so was unaware of this dire crisis! I'm heading over to the donation site now to do my bit. If anyone deserves our support, Chris and Jeff do. Not to mention Hal the cat!


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