Thursday, August 1, 2013

Grandin Road's Halloween Haven 2013 is live.

 I must admit they have some great things but I can't get around the fact that most of their things are way over priced and some of it is blatantly ripped off from legitimate Halloween artists.

As far as cool (but overpriced) you will find this awesome Headless Horseman:

Super cool , but at $599.....that is Lotto Fodder for me!

Then you have the Scary Peeper. I LOVE IT! Stick it to a window and freak out your guests, neighbors, or your daughters slumber party. At $60 bucks it is tempting, but I would prolly try to find a cheaper alternative.

Black Crows....not the best looking ones either. $50 bucks! No thanks.

LED Candles....$19 and $24 respectively. You can make PVC ones for around a couple of bucks each.

5 foot Posable Skele for $69 bucks. It is cool that you can pose him but you can get the same effect with a much cheaper Walgreens Skele and some cheap hardware. 

As far as rip offs go. See below. If you don't know the back-story on the wraith, look around... you will find it.

Here is Grim's Original

Here is there's (still for sale) 

I know last year there was a HUGE debacle about the skeleton bride and groom that was "stolen" from another Halloween Artists.... these don't seem to be in their catalog this year.. HMMM

Here is William Bezeks couple

 Here is Grandin Roads Offering ( No longer available )

They seem to have replaced them with more (comical) zombies

I couldn't help but notice the Wanted Posters... they bare a striking resemblance to Dave Lowe's Beware Prop of 2011

It might be a stretch but I can see it.

Love them, loathe them, or ignore them all together... you do have to admit they have some nice (expensive) things and they sure know how to set a scene :


  1. It REALLY grates on my nerves that they are stealing from Halloween artists. If they love the design that much, they need to contact the artists and give them the credit and payment due. The worst part is, they make a cheaper version (which never look as good as the originals) of amazing props and sell them for WAY more than we all know that the original prop was made for. They have cool stuff, but geez, they need to come clean with their idea stealing.

  2. I love Will's work! I have one of his pieces and he's fabulous!

    I just ordered the Ghost Girl....the one in white for my new digs. She's going to be the greeter at our front door....year round! Go me!! Haha!!


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