Monday, August 26, 2013

Monster Mad Lib Contest

Britnie over at the It's On Random Blog is having a Monster Mad Lib Contest! If you win, you have a chance to have your monster story you submit appear in a book! Here are the rules ripped right from her blog:

Create a Monster Based Mad Lib for our new book, Monstivities: A Monstrous Coloring & Activity Book
- Must be a short story relative to Monsters
- Must include at least 20 blanks with a specified lexical(noun, adverb etc.) or category for each blank.
- Must fit on a standard page size
- Must have correct grammar and spelling
- It can be as gory, sexy, juvenile or scary as you can think, this is not a book for children!
- It can be anything from a scary story to the memoirs of a mad scientist making a monster. That is the beauty, be as creative as you want!
What do you get?
You get to be a part of history! Okay, well... a book. But it's a really cool book! You will also be credited under the title, something cool to show your friends!

Email submissions to:
-include your name, website and state(optional)

Friday, September 13th.
Book Details:Available November 2013Number of Pages: 50+

She has also provided a great example of what kind of story they are looking for:
The Warlock’s Halloween Revenge
This Halloween, Bob the witch - well, actually, he was a warlock, a squishy warlock - wanted a very bland costume. He was tired of the other witches (or warlocks) typing at him. In the past he'd been a frenetic werewolf, a blue vampire, the main character from his favorite movie Free Willy, even a rusty fairy. But did anyone ever say, “Crippled costume, Bob!” to him?
No, they didn't. They all just slept at him, and one time they made him wear a staircase on his back all night.
But this year, it was going to be different. This year he'd have his poorly deserved revenge on all 520 of the other witches (and warlocks) in his coven. Because he had a spell to create the ultimate costume. He'd found it in Burger King, under a vase. The local tribe of Rastafarians had assured him it would work.
Bob gathered the ingredients he needed for the spell - a stalker, an Area 51, a pinch of peanut butter, and a dash of Scotch. He mixed them together in an old Toyota and spoke the enchantment:
"Bubble, bubble, captures and trouble,
Banana burn and almond bubble,
Mists of rack and tense rocks,
Give me something to knock their socks!"
There was a high-speed flash of light. And promptly, Bob turned into a diamegnetic Carrot-Top.
He smiled into the mirror. It was going to be a baking Halloween.

Hurry on over to her blog and check it out. I know I will be submitting one of my Sinister Shorts!


  1. Super fun idea! Too bad I don't have a monster story to submit. :)

  2. OMG So I came to say thank you for the post and couldn't find you on my blog roll. I wasn't a follower anymore for some reason, what the heck? So I quickly re-followed you and I'm back up to speed! It must have been during the great blog-out I had earlier.

    So thank you for sharing about the contest! I'm so excited!

    And people, there is no limit to who can win. If I like 10 stories, then I'll choose 10 hahha. I'm willing to clear up some space for extras I like.

    1. Glad to have you back! I have narrowed my stories down to 3 so I will submit my favorite.


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