Thursday, January 10, 2013

Grisly Gifts from my Beastly Birthday

I honestly had the best birthday ever. Turning forty did not turn me into a over the hill relic....just seemed like another day to me physically. I was fortunate enough to celebrate my Birthday for 3 days thanks to M, family, friends, and coworkers. Even today I am still getting gifts, cards, and well wishes from friends. Thank you one and all for treating me like a king for a day.

I did make out like a bandit in the loot department!

Among all the fantastic gifts, there were a few creepy items that only real Halloween heads can appreciate. They are as follows :

A light up brain...cause lets face it....who doesn't need one?

Zombie bowl! Perfect for popcorn, party snacks, or brains!

My best friend Adam thinks it makes for a better hat....nice face!

Zombie blast energy drinks shaped like shotgun shells!

 My super cool floating skull shot glass.

 My equally cool skull shaped shot glass!

 A huge box of miniature self contained LED lights. They should burn for about 50 hours each and you can replace the batteries. I will use this all over the yard haunt this year! M found them on! 

Game of Thrones! Time to battle the white walker zombies! The Walking Dead speaks for itself! 

My equally odd mother got me this CD....I was pretty perplexed and a little distraught till I saw that it had Elvira on it.... and that made it OK!

This is my God Daughter who is doing her best zombie impression behind this HUGE present.

 I was pretty stoked about this one....

It was a tombstone.....because "I am really old now".

Oh yeah....only Halloween fans would like this on their big 4 0! 


  1. that is awesome... i am glad for the great day... i looked at forty as now the countdown to death...

  2. I'm jealous - I know my family won't be as creative at my 40th this summer! The tombstone is awesome!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. While I'm well over 40, and a belated Happy Birthday to you, I do love skulls and tombstones. You have two beauties there with the shot glass and large tombstone.

  4. where is franky eintein?.. hehehehe hope van helsing is there too. happy birthday!

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  5. Ahhhh I hear 40 is the new 39-1/2!

    Happy birthday!


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