Saturday, January 12, 2013

One of the best Vampire/Werewolf trilogies around!


It's winter time...cold, wet, and miserable. Halloween has come and gone....and the next one seems so far away. Why not get your classic monster fix by reading the best werewolf/vampire Apocalypse trilogies around!

Brandon Hale has masterfully crafted a trilogy of books detailing the struggles of a world turned upside down by monsters from our very nightmares. What if werewolves and vampires were not only real, but united in the outright destruction of the human race? How would we be able to turn the tide? How do you fight monsters straight from our darkest terrors? Is there any hope for humanity? Read to find out if we even stand a chance!

If you are a true monster fan and love a great book, you owe it to yourself to check out the Day Soldiers books. They are available for e readers and paperbacks so what are you waiting on? The fate of humanity resides in these pages!

You can find all of Brandon Hale's masterpieces on Amazon via this link *HERE*

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  1. Big horror fan, never heard of this guy, gonna check them out, thanks for tip!


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