Monday, January 28, 2013

Moody Monday

Today's Mood is COLD!


  1. As of last week, Hell has NOT frozen over - at least Hell, Michigan has not. I follow them on FB and they posted a picture of the river (Styx?) and it was running.

    1. That's a many bad things hinge on it freezing over! ;)

  2. I hate Winter and I hate being cold. I always get super sick when it's cold and the freezing air causes an asthma attack.

  3. I used the "Graveyard Snowmen" in a post ... ( having posting issues) ... I t would not allow me to post credit to you for this... So I posted "credit" in the "labels" section.... thanks for the use of the great image ... Dr. Theda...
    And have a great day and try to keep warm.... later Good Sir


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