Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Davis realistic you can feel your flesh rot.

The Frog Queen and her husband go all out for Halloween...... WAY OUT!

This is one of my absolute favorite haunts. When you love Halloween AND have mad creative skills, you get the Davis Graveyard.

This haunt is one of the most famous home haunts in America and is often seen on the news, news papers, and internet sites from all over during the Halloween season. They also offer "how to classes" and their amazingly realistic gravestones have even graced the lawn of the Playboy Mansion.

For this haunt team, nothing is too big or too outlandish. They have constructed a ruined cathedral in there yard! I am sure that soon we will see them construct an entire ruined castle of the damned before they are done.

For more of this breathtaking haunt, visit their site at the link below. 


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